Packed and ready to go!

So this is it. The bags are packed and ready, the essays are in, the out of office is on at work and i’m now just waiting for Gideon to get home from work in a couple of hours so that we can head off to Gatwick where we will be staying tonight and then flying out to Florida tomorrow! Eek!

How am I feeling? Excited mostly – I am after all going back to my happy place DISNEY WORLD! But also a little nervous, mainly about the weather which is still looking sweltering. However we have done the research and know what we need to do in terms of hydrating and slowing the pace etc, so hopefully we can put that into practice with good results.

A couple of weeks ago I had an email from a marketing agency asking if i’d like to contribute some thoughts to an article for about running at disney. Obviously as we haven’t actually RAN Disney yet I was a little apprehensive, but the agency thought it would be nice to have some thoughts from someone training for a Disney race so I went ahead and gave some of my thoughts.

The finished article was published today and is available here if you would like to read it! It’s full of useful tips for training for and running disney, some of which I am sure to use this weekend (especially the one’s about having fun)! It has been a good little reminder as we are so close now as to what’s in store!

We have passed our target to raise £500 for Make-A-Wish UK so thank you again if you have sponsored us (and you can still do so here if you would like to). Now all that’s left is ‘getting the job done’ and running those 13.1.

I will try to blog the day after the race to let you know how we did, however as i’ll only have my phone on me it is likely to be a short and sweet post. I’ll follow this up with a long one when we get home. If you want a more instant update, best to follow my Instagram page as i’m sure to be posting pics like a crazy person both after the run and just generally during the holiday.

So excited that it’s finally almost here!! If you see us please come and say hi, and if you are running at all this weekend, we hope you have a great run, wherever that may be!!


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