Brits Ran Disney… Just not all 13.1 miles :-(

Hello friends, I am writing this from our hotel room having just got back. We have ran disney!!! But unfortunately 13.1 was not meant to be! We are beyond dissapointed, but  due to lightning storms in the area the starting venue had to be evacuated and so we were delayed in starting. Because there was lots of lightning in the area the organisers made the decision to shorten the course to 10k. So we have ran 10k. It was the hardest 10k of my life in 28 degree heat and 91% humidity! I will report properly on it all when we get back to the UK and elaborate significantly on all the emotions I experienced both before and during this run. It was a hard one, for many reasons as am i’m sure you can understand.

We hope you understand if you sponsored us that it was beyond our control, and we will be signing up for another half somewhere as soon as possible so we can finish what we started! We are beyond disappointed, but given the circumstances we are just glad to have run at all.

After the wine and dine.... 10k :-( not what we wanted, but sometimes things beyond your control happen and you have to take what you can get.
After the wine and dine…. 10k 😦 not what we wanted, but sometimes things beyond your control happen and you have to take what you can get.o

11 thoughts on “Brits Ran Disney… Just not all 13.1 miles :-(

  1. Had some other friends run the same race. All were disappointed. We are having the same weather system roll through here. My husbands race got completely cancelled. The Savannah marathon got shortened. The state high school cross country meet course for altered….tough day for running for everyone! So sorry you had your fly 1000s of miles to experience it.


  2. Such a shame about the weather and distance, but I hope it was still amazing, its still Disney after all! Well done guys! 🙂


  3. Ugh I know how you feel, so many mixed emotions! I’m glad we at least got to run something, but so disappointed it wasn’t the full half that we have all been training for so long for! But it was so hot and humid, it would have been tough to finish the full half in that heat. But I totally get why Disney had to do what they did, the weather is out of their control too. Just can’t believe I have had bad luck with this race 2 years in a row now!


    1. I get it to now, but was understandably dissapointed at the time! I think when we get home from Disney we will run 13.1 miles and then re-give ourselves our medals lol!! I’m still proud of doing 7 miles ish in that heat, and I still wore my medal round the parks the next day etc, but it’ll be good to have finally done the 13.1 I trained ao hard for 🙂


      1. I know what you mean, I feel like I need to go out and run 13.1 miles to earn the medal too! I keep wanting to put a sticker on my medal that says “6.7 miles” 😛 But yes totally agree on being proud of the 7 miles in that awful heat and humidity! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!


  4. Ah, bummer!! That sucks when your best laid plans are thwarted through no fault of your own. I guess it’s better to have a no-go on a half marathon this way than to have a DNF, right? :/ Either way, I’m sorry you didn’t get to do the half.


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