Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Hello friends! There has been no running this week. In fact we have not ran since we got back from the Wine and Dine half marathon. It’s been a hard hard week (for reasons I’m not going to go into here) and other things have to take priority over running for the moment. So I thought instead, i’d share with you some things from our most recent trip to Disney World. First off – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge!

We were really looking forward to our stay at the Lodge, neither of us had visited it before so it was completely new to us. I’ve seen pictures of the lodge on the disney site and other sites etc but no amount of pictures could of prepared me for walking into that lobby! It’s just incredible you guys!! I took a lot of photo’s of the lodge – some of which are below… but just remember that the photo’s (even though they look good) don’t do it justice! You have to see this place for yourself to get the full effect of completely how immersively and impressively themed it is!


So the overall effect is incredible… but there are also so many little details which would be easy to miss if you didn’t take time to explore the resort – they obviously all add to the overall aesthetic, but they also stand out as beautiful on their own. From the comfy chairs in the lobby, to the various light fixtures and the AMAZING real fire in a gigantic stone fireplace the lodge really is spectacular.


The outside of the lodge is equally impressive as the inside! The grounds are beautifully kept, with streams, waterfalls, and a boardwalk down to the lake. The hotel even boasts its very own geyser which goes off every hour! We couldn’t even see everything because the lodge is currently going through some renovations meaning the lake shore and man made beach area was off limits (except for the boat dock) so we couldn’t see that part, as was the smaller pool in the villa section and some of the woodland areas – but everything we did see was still fantastic, and Disney did a wonderful job of hiding any construction away so that the ambiance of the resort was not affected. The work honestly had no effect on our trip whatsoever.


The rooms were also very pleasant with lots of cool Disney touches in keeping with the theming of the hotel. We were lucky enough to have a room on the 6th floor facing the woods, but beyond that you could see a part of the contemporary and (to my delight) you could see Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom! I’m not sure you would have been able to spot it behind the tree’s normally, but because it’s holiday season already at Disney all the christmas fairy lights made it stand out beautifully at night!


Even if you are not staying at the lodge, we would definitely recommend you visit it during your next trip to Walt Disney World. This place really is Disney theming at its best and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Guests are welcome to come and explore the lobby, shops, grounds and restaurants of the lodge and I would totally recommend getting the ferry over for a midday break from magic kingdom and just hanging out in the beautiful lobby or having lunch at one of the Wilderness lodges restaurants. I really would class it as a do not miss experience!!


5 thoughts on “Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

    1. Aww good luck with it! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. We did Wine and Dine- twas our first Disney race. Would love to do another sometime but will have to save up! We didnt try Whispering Canyon on this trip but ive heard good things- will give us a good excuse to go back to WL next time we go to Disney!

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  1. Thanks for all the pics! Brought back some nice memories! We were there when my 15 year old was an infant and her brother was 5. My dad took us all as an Xmas present…and he’s been gone now for 12 years. It was a fun trip

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