Today we ran!

Not far, or fast. But we went in the wind and the rain and the cold, and we did feel better afterwards. It’s been tough these last couple of weeks but running (or exercise in general) really does help. It clears the mind a little, it gets rid of the stresses, it lifts the mood a bit!

The hardest part as so many often say is the getting out of the door. For now, we will just try to get out the door. No timing things, no checking the pace and distance etc, just running to feel better. At some point we will have to go back to full on training in prep for our next half marathon attempt at easter, but for now we’ll just run. And that will be enough.


4 thoughts on “Today we ran!

  1. Sounds great. Well done guys! I am actually looking forward to being able to run ‘off plan’ for a bit! We’ve got 10 miles tomorrow (walk) and then 20 – 23 mile run on Sunday (plan says 23 but we are a little behind and haven’t done 20 so we’ll see how we feel at 20. Just enjoy running for the rest of the year and then pick up a plan in January!

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  2. Good for you! It always seem hard to get back into the swing of things after a race you spent so much time training for. (Well at least for me it is!) I haven’t run anything longer than 3 miles since Wine & Dine, but tomorrow I need to start training for the Glass Slipper Challenge in February!


  3. So great that you guys are already back running after Wine&Dine! Starting to get a little nervous for our upcoming events now!


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