Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

During our most recent visit to Walt Disney World we got to experience Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!! This separately ticketed event gives guests access to Magic Kingdom for a ‘party’ after park closing that celebrates all things Christmas!!


We thoroughly enjoyed our night at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! Here’s why:

  1. Less crowds – The party is a separately ticketed event which takes place primarily after Magic Kingdom has closed for the day (though guests with party tickets can access the park from 4pm). Once regular park hours are up, the crowds thin considerably as day guests are made to leave the park. This makes the party a great way of getting on some of your favourite rides with minimal waits times! When we visited, crowds were so light that we could stand on main street USA to watch the fireworks with meters of space between us and the next family! It made the whole experience much more relaxed!
  2. Cookies and Cocoa – During the party numerous locations in the park will supply you with all the cookies and cocoa you could want free of charge! You can also get apple juice if the weather is super hot like it was during our visit and you don’t really fancy hot cocoa!
  3. Christmas parade – During the party there is a special Christmas themed parade which you would not get to see during a normal day at the Magic Kingdom (except for on Christmas day). This means that those of us that won’t be able to spend Christmas day at Disney can still experience the Christmas magic!IMG_3256
  4. Snow on Main St – If you stand on Main Street USA during the parade & fireworks DISNEY MAKES IT SNOW!! I know what your thinking…. snow in Florida?! That’s just weird! And that’s what I thought too until I got to experience it! Yes, its hot, yes it’s Florida, yes you know it isn’t real snow! But it’s totally fun regardless, and it really did make it feel more like Christmas! IMG_3274IMG_3275IMG_3264
  5. Holiday Wishes – Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party in the only time you can experience these fireworks besides coming to Disney on Christmas day, and they really are spectacular! Plus you don’t have to experience all the crazy crowds that Christmas day would also bring! Same Christmas experience in a much more relaxed environment! IMG_3309

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party takes place on select nights in November and December (see the Disney Parks website for details) and we would highly recommend it if you are ever visiting the parks and looking for a Disney Christmas experience but without the crowds!



3 thoughts on “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

  1. Love the pictures! We want to do Christmas at Disney sometime. I can only imagine how beautiful it looks all dressed up for Christmas when you’re there in person! I need to do my post about the Halloween event soon too!

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    1. The castle at MK really did take my breath away! I thought… why don’t they just have it sparkly like that all year, but then I realised that it probably wouldn’t feel as special if it was there all year round!

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