What’s next for BritsRunDisney?


So the running has been fairly non-existent since we returned from Florida. This has been due to a combination of things which has meant its had to take a backseat – rather than just plain laziness. We feel like it would be good to get back into some sort of running routine now… perhaps not with distances and timings and proper training just yet, but just committing to getting out there 2 or 3 times a week to get back into a running routine. This weather is certainly not helping though! It has literally been raining since we got back from Florida! I know I COULD go out and run in the rain – it’s just water at the end of the day, but it severely limits my desire to want to go running! I’d much rather sit in my pyjamas (sorry mum!) and consume several bags of chocolate/ tubs of twiglets that they only ever sell around Christmas!


So in an attempt to get back into the routine of running i’ve decided to lay out some ‘what’s next’ for us in terms of running and blogging and exercise in general!

Training for the World half marathon, Cardiff 2016:

So this is the big one really. We signed up for this race in the summer, and it takes place on 26th March 2016, which really isn’t that far away actually! So we better at least get running regularly again so that we might stand some chance of completing it. I think 2-3 run’s a week with a slightly longer weekend run (but under 10k) should suffice up until Christmas and then we can start ramping up the weekend mileage after that so that we are ready come Easter!

This pretty much means we are going to HAVE to go run in the rain and cold. Theres a 0% chance it’s going to be miraculously dry from now until Easter 2016 – I mean we live in Wales for crying out loud! It’s a miracle we got away with not running much in the rain whilst training for Wine and Dine, and as this is going to be winter training I don’t think there’s much chance of avoiding it! I’m just going to have to suck it up and get used to being freezing cold and wet and probably tripping over things in the dark!

Swansea Parkrun:

At some point we aim to try out the Swansea Parkrun – it’s only been around for a couple of months, but we haven’t made it along yet. One aim i’m thinking of for 2016 would be to achieve an under 30 minute 5k -this would be a great way to work towards that goal as i’d know I was running an accurate and timed 5k course!


We have been thinking about potentially doing some swimming over the winter, as it’s indoors and there is a leisure centre fairly close to our house. It would make a good cross training exercise and hopefully help us to shift a bit of the winter fat we have been putting on!

(and yes – I do find it slightly ironic that I hate the idea of running in the rain but seem to be fine with the idea of going swimming!)

Find some new races:

I’d like to sign up for a few more races in 2016 – probably 10k’s, but possibly the Swansea half depending on how training for the Cardiff one goes. It would be good to have a few more things lined up to train for in order to stop myself from going back into couch potato/twiglet eating mode. It might also be nice to have a little race-cation at some point if we can find something affordable. We will have to do a bit more research on that front, but you never know!

More Disney:

Finally, we wouldn’t be BritsRunDisney without the ‘Disney’ element, so you can continue to expect some Disney & Rundisney posts in the future. We aren’t planning another Disney trip until 2017, but we’ll still keep you updated on any Disney/Rundisney news that we hear, and continue to review all our favourite things to do at Walt Disney World!


So that’s whats next for BritsRunDisney! We hope you will continue to follow along with us as we keep putting one foot in front of the other!




6 thoughts on “What’s next for BritsRunDisney?

  1. Let me know how you like the Parkrun – we keep meaning to go along to our local one (not that local actually – Bradford) . As for running in the rain – make sure you have a good waterproof jacket and plan your route so that you end at home if possible. Getting wet legs is somehow not as bad as getting a wet top half! I’ve found I get really cold really quickly if I’ve got wet running so finishing at home helps getting into dry and warm clothes as quickly as poss. I agree with Britt – a break will do you good. I’d just enjoy Christmas and then refocus in January


  2. We don’t have parkrun…but I’ve read about it in other blogs, and it really sounds nice! Good luck with the winter training.


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