So we managed to get out for the first run of our new training plan on Tuesday, but it was rather a chilly affair with a bitterly cold wind. I layered up considerably and felt a comfortable temperature whilst running (first time EVER that I haven’t had to take off my jacket mid run due to being to hot – winter is definitely here), but a mere two days later I have been struck down yet again with the common cold and I can’t help but think that run had SOMETHING to do with it!!

So my cold weather friends… how do you get through the season without constantly being knocked down by colds, viruses, chest infections and all the other lovely ailments that winter brings? What are your tips?

I’ve already decided that some kind of headwear is going to be a must for me, so I’ve put a headband on my christmas list that will hopefully keep my ears warm and covered. Gloves also seem like they may be a good idea, but then I worry they won’t be breathable enough and i’ll end up getting frustrated and wanting to dump them somewhere mid-run.

The half is at the end of March so there is no getting round training in this weather. The bank balance doesn’t fancy stretching to a gym membership so we will continue to plod the pavements in the cold, but i’m still hoping we can somehow avoid the constant runny nose all winter!

What are your tips for running in cold weather?  



8 thoughts on “Cold.

  1. Well this ones farfetched and often forgot , but its a great times to eat more proteins if your diet allows for that. Aim for white fish if seafood is in your taste range ! Or salmon. The omega threes and protein surplus will help your body stay warmer ! And its extremely healthy overall ! I also just pay real close attention to my diet during the winter to ensure my immune system is super strong and healthy

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  2. Staying active outside actually helps build a stronger immune system. Runners typically do not get sick very often you’ll find. So if you’re out there consistently and eating healthy balanced diet you probably won’t get sick. In terms of gloves get runner specific ones. They’re warm but also thin and breathable. My favourite are switch gloves, Ronhill makes a pair, they’re gloves with an extra wind proof mitten piece attachee that can be tucked away as you warm up. The ones I got last year were very warm but had venting between the fingers that kept everything comfortable. This year’s model is a bit different though, haven’t tried them yet. I’ll also wear those super cheap one size gloves when it’s borderline that way if I do take my gloves off I don’t have to worry too much if I end up loosing one.

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  3. I always say “cover your head and your hands” I also wear a buff but around my neck (if you see what I mean?) to keep the wind off my neck/chest. As the others have said you will build up a pretty good immune system especially if you are eating right too x

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  4. Not really a run related answer… But I’ve been able to minimize illness by NEVER touching my face unless I’ve cleaned my hands with sanitizer. I don’t want to jinx these last 3 weeks, but I haven’t been sick this year!

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    1. You must be very very disciplined not to touch your face!! I am terrible at it, even when i’m trying not too (like when I have a cold) I would literally go through a sanitiser a day if I sanitised every time lol!

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