Weekly training recap: Mon 7th – Sun 13th Dec

So we ran this week! More than once! Yay! And that means we can do a weekly training recap!

I blogged last week about the plan I had made for us so that we could get training for the Cardiff World Half Marathon in March 2016. This week we started the plan, and all was going relatively well until this weekend when we were due to do our 5k, but the lingering cold i’ve had seems to have gone to my chest a bit and I just haven’t felt up to it, so we decided instead to skip the 5k and hopefully by the next one i’ll be feeling 100% again!


Rest day


Ran 1.23 miles with an average pace of 12’39” per mile. The wind was bitter so we kept it short and just did one lap around the neighbourhood. It’s been like it all week, and so Thursday’s run was much the same (though a slightly different route).

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 16.54.47


Rest day


Ran 1.15 miles with an average pace of 12’15” per mile. Much the same as Tuesday, but with an added chesty cold, so again shorter than it should have been, but still glad to have done something.


Rest day


Chesty cold and hideous weather stopped us from doing the 5k yesterday – I was hoping it would have cleared up by now (the cold) but it’s still lingering on.


Rest day

So they may have been shorter run’s than planned, but i’m glad we managed to get out there and actually get some momentum going again.

On a total side note – we decorated the Christmas tree yesterday and so are feeling the festive spirit! We actually brought this lovely tree last year and threw him out into the garden in his pot last January. I re-potted him in the spring, and besides that have given him very little attention, but he survived the whole year and so we brought him inside again this weekend to enjoy Christmas for the second time!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 16.55.09

We are off to Clitheroe for a friends wedding next weekend so I haven’t scheduled a long run as with the travelling and the wedding festivities I don’t think we will have time. Instead we will just do the two maintenance run’s in the week to keep us ticking over and then get back to building up our long run’s after Christmas.

Have a great week everyone!



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