My Disney Kitchen

So it occurred to me earlier – whilst eating king prawn and chilli rice from my Adventureland Tiki God bowl – that i’ve accumulated quite a lot of Disney kitchen accessories from the last few years of trips to Walt Disney World. My kitchen is slowly but surely turning into a Disney kitchen… and I can’t say i’m that upset about it! During our last trip there were several hundred Disney themed kitchen bits and bobs I could quite easily have brought home with me had I had unlimited suitcase space! So I figured why not share it with my fellow Disney loving blog followers, you never know, perhaps we have even have some of the same things!!


Coffee related Disney merchandise definitely takes up the majority of my kitchen. I have accumulated a large number of mugs during my trips to Disney – most of which are too large to use for everyday coffee/tea drinking and so get kept for soup or large winter hot chocolates.

Gid and I have matching Disney coffee mugs…


I also have several Winnie the Pooh mugs (one of which has been relocated to my office at work and therefore hasn’t been photographed for you!)


This minnie one used to be my work mug, and it used to have it’s own spoon with it that fitted in the handle, but that smashed fairly quickly!


Then there is the most recent edition to the collection, which can form part of my Disney mug collection and part of my Starbucks mug collection (which is a whole other problem of mine!)


For coffee’s on the go we have a couple of Disney thermos flasks…


And of course the thing that makes the coffee… the Disney cafetiere!!


Are you starting to think i’m insane yet?? I can’t blame you!

For eats….

On our most recent trip, I purchased these lovely pasta bowls which are ‘adventureland’ themed.


I also couldn’t resist buying this toast press/stamp thingamabob whilst on honeymoon…. you press the Mickey into the bread before toasting and then when toasted you have a cool Mickey face on your toast! It cheers me up when i’m missing Mickey Waffles!


Then there is the Mickey shaped “Sandwich Cutter” which I don’t use for sandwiches… but use instead for making baked goods (cookies, crispy cakes and the like)


We also purchased some awesome RunDisney wine glasses during Wine and Dine weekend, so that we can enjoy some drinks with our eats!


The fridge…

Finally, the most important part of the Kitchen – THE FRIDGE!! Our fridge is also sprinkled with some magic, in the form of a lovely RunDisney Mickey shaped magnet (which should technically be for a car) and our Disney shopping list pad!


So there we have it! That’s my disney kitchen. What’s in yours?




3 thoughts on “My Disney Kitchen

  1. We have been talking about doing a complete Minnie and Mickey themed kitchen soon. We have a ton of mugs. My favorites are the Snow White mug I got on my first trip to Disney, my Belle mug from the honeymoon, and the Tinkerbell Mornings aren’t magical one! I love your kitchen stuff!!

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  2. Our kitchen is very similar – not sure how many people bring mixing bowls home with them but we have 2 Disney mixing bowls, Disney salad bowl, Disney ladle, Disney kitchen clock, Mickey Mouse bottle opener – shall I go on? Lol

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