Weekly training recap: Mon 21st Dec – Sun 27th Dec

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We have managed to get a couple of runs in this Christmas week which has been good, even in the rain! This has included our longest run yet since we got back from Florida in November – a whole 4 miles 😛 which we know isn’t that long but still… onwards and upwards!


Rest day


Moved todays scheduled run to tomorrow due to the crazy rain!


Ran 1.20 miles with an average pace of 12’53” per mile. It was sunny! Woo!

Blue sky…. I thought it was a dream!!!


Didn’t get around to doing this run on account of Christmas – the weather was not cooperating and we had much to do so we skipped it.


Rest day


Rest day


4 mile run whilst visiting the family in Weston-super-mare. Average pace 12’13” per mile. This went well considering it is the longest we have ran in almost 2 months. My legs began to feel stiff after about the 3rd mile so we did slow down somewhat, but we managed to complete it anyway!

Still so mild… the mid-run shower was a nice relief!

No trip to the parents would be complete without weighing yourself on their bathroom scales! I now weigh 10 stone exactly which is almost a stone less than I weighed before starting running, and as I still use running as an excuse to EAT ALL THE FOODS i’m pretty pleased with that.

Gid weighs 12 stone – which means he’s lost a whole 3 stone this year! Way to go Gideon!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the Christmas/New year period!


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