New Year New Race!

To mark the start of 2016 Gideon and I have signed ourselves up for a new race! The St David’s Day 5k in Cardiff on 28/02/2016! This is a fun little 5k around Bute Park in Cardiff, and as its a ‘rest week’ on our half marathon training plan where our long run is only 5k that weekend we figured why not! One more medal to add to the collection!

st davids day run

Gideon has used some of the money he received for Christmas to enter two other races later this year; the Swansea half marathon in June and the Swansea 10k in September (both races I will probably also end up signing up for at some point – just not right this second). I’ve used some of mine to buy myself a Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS running watch! I love the nike+ app, and it served my well in 2015, but it is starting to become very slow (probably because there is now too much on it) so i’ve decided to upgrade and get my first ever Garmin! I hope I won’t be disappointed!

Once it arrives and i’ve got used to it i’ll do a proper review!

Happy New Year Everyone!




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