Weekly training recap: Mon 28th Dec – Sun 3rd Jan

So running this week….. um…. pretty much non-existent to be honest. I take it back, we did do a very short (like less than a mile short) run yesterday. It should have been longer admittedly, but we both have colds and we both just felt naff, so we just did a very short loop then went home.

We probably (definitely) could have done more running earlier in the week, but THE RAIN. I just cant! I don’t mind a few showers, but you are just not going to get me to purposefully go outside in torrential rain and run around for 3 miles. It just isn’t going to happen. I do not like running THAT MUCH!!!

It’s been pretty horrible here weather wise for the last week. There was a tiny bit of sunshine on Saturday morning… but instead of running in it we went to Cardiff to buy me new running shoes – oh the irony!! By the time we got home it was a) raining again, and b) the cold had kicked in – hence the tiny run (in the new shoes) rather than a normal length one.

Brooks Ravenna 6’s

The new Garmin I ordered has also arrived (thanks Daddy) so I’ve been wearing that ever since it came as well. I took it for the tiny run on Saturday, and so far so good! I found signal very quickly and it seemed accurate. I’ll write a proper review once i’ve had a proper chance to test it out.

Not doing too well on the step count today! Oh dear!!


2 mile leisurely walk in Weston-Super-Mare before heading home from the Christmas festivities and back to work! boo!


Should have ran but RAIN!!!


Rest day


I literally got soaked walking from work to my car – there were hailstones and everything! Running was not going to happen. No, just no!


Rest day


0.8 mile loop completed in 8.53 seconds which means it probably would have been a fairly fast mile had we actually RAN a mile…doh!

Still getting to grips with this Garmin connect thingy – I promise to get back to taking nice pictures soon and not just showing you stats!

We also walked up 7 flights of stairs to get to our car at the multi story car park… that totally counts as exercise right?!?! right?!?!?!


It’s raining again.

This week we need to do our 2 30 minute midweek runs and then do a 5 mile run at the weekend. I felt good after last weekends 4 miler so 5 should be more than doable! Here’s hoping for a little less rain this week!


5 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 28th Dec – Sun 3rd Jan

  1. Any and all stairs should ALWAYS count as exercise. (Of course, if you ask me, stepping up on my kitchen stool to reach the top of my pantry should also count as exercise!)


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