2016 Goals.

So we are a few days into 2016 now. I’m not doing new years resolutions, I don’t see the point – resolving to stop eating unhealthy crap isn’t going to pan out when i’ve still got several boxes of chocolate and bags of crisps lying around the house from Christmas. Besides, i’m already living a way more healthy lifestyle than I was this time last year (go me)!

I have been thinking of setting some running goals though. I like to have running goals to work towards and keep me motivated. Even if you don’t manage to hit them, you can have fun trying. My goal last year was to run the half marathon, and as my regular readers will be aware that didn’t quite happen (read about it here – boo – but I did still have fun trying)! So it seems only right to carry that goal over to 2016. I’m not giving up on it – and it never really had a time limit in the first place. I just figured since we entered the half marathon and trained for the half marathon we’d have actually ran a half marathon! Damn you lightening storm!!

My other goal for 2016 (besides running the half marathon) is to improve my times running the smaller distances. By the end of the year i’d like to have run a sub-30 5k, and i’d like to have run a sub 1:05 10k. Really i’d love to run a sub 1 hour 10k but this may not be quite so realistic. You never know though – if I continue to work on my running anything is possible.

And the main goal: just keep running! Just keep going, keep staying active, keep lacing up the trainers and getting outside whether its to walk or run or skip or dance! Just keep at it!




5 thoughts on “2016 Goals.

  1. Your running goals are the same as mine 🙂 I will get that half marathon done this year, providing they don’t change the Disneyland Paris one. I’d love to get back under 30 minutes for 5k too – managed it once in early 2015 and haven’t done it since. Would also like to get under 1h 5m for 10K and under 1h 50m for the 10 miles.
    I totally agree about not setting resolutions about cutting out the crap. They never work because we end up having a really bad day and buy the chocolate or make the cakes/biscuits and then eat them all.
    Have fun and keep up the small constant steps and it’ll all get there in the end.

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  2. I know the feeling! I am not making any resolutions this year. They seem pointless anyway but I do want to make some running goals. I couldn’t sleep last night so I started thinking up a few. Definitely run 5 half marathons, get below a 35 minute 5k, and run 600 miles. 😁 Happy running!


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