Tribute to the Osbourne Lights


Yesterday was a sad day for fellow Disney World fan’s such as myself. It was the last day of operation for the annual Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, which has been lighting up Hollywood Studios every Christmas period for the last 20 years.

We were lucky enough to get to experience the Osbourne Lights in there last year. Our first glimpse of the lights came whilst we were running the Wine and Dine half marathon. They came at the perfect time during the race where we were in need of some motivation/a distraction to push us through to the finish. It was pretty epic to turn the corner and be greeted with thousands and thousands of beautiful christmas lights covering everything all over the streets of America section of the park.


Running through the lights during Wine and Dine

Later in the trip, we went back to see the Osbourne Lights during regular park hours. It was just as awesome, and we got to see the lights ‘dance’ to numerous songs!

I’m sad to see the lights go, but with the additions of Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios change is definitely in the air for this particular park, and some things have to go to make room for it. I am glad though that I got to experience the lights for myself before they disappeared.


Fairwell Osbourne Lights! You will be missed!


4 thoughts on “Tribute to the Osbourne Lights

    1. They really were the highlight of the race! I think a lot of people ran it for that reason, so it will be weird for people running this year and it not being there.

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  1. Wow!! We were there once at Christmas and missed them… They look beautiful. I never knew they were there! Glad you took pics so I could at least see it once.


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