Keeping it fresh.

I’ve found it very difficult to motivate myself to train for the up-coming IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon. It’s not that I don’t want to run, I do. I guess I just thought that by now we’d have ran a half marathon and the goal would be slightly different – maybe a faster half marathon, or something else. But it’s not. It’s still just to DO a half marathon. That’s no ones fault, the circumstances were beyond everyones control, but it feels like we’ve been working towards this goal for so long now and I guess i’m getting a bit fatigued by it.

I’ve done a lot over the past few weeks to really get myself motivated again. I’ve made goals for the year. I’ve brought some new kit. I’ve come up with a plan to keep the training on track. It’s kind of working. Running has become more regular, but it feels like we have started from scratch again a little bit. The distances have gone back down and they need building back up. It feels I guess as if we should be further along than we are at this point, because we’ve been working towards it for such a long time, and we got so far! It’s still frustrating I guess that it didn’t happen when it was supposed to.

So what else can we do? To really motivate ourselves? To keep the goal fresh and interesting? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “Keeping it fresh.

  1. Oh such a good question! I know I feel that way too. Maybe some shorter distance races in between now and big race to take your mind off the boringness of training?


  2. It’s really hard to stick with a long-term goal, and I can’t imagine having to keep going after the expected “end” date. I must confess that my silly Smashrun badges have done a lot for my motivation. I can see some small races helping, too. Good luck, and keep going!

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  3. Rebecca said it above – schedule in some smaller goals in the interim – which I totally agree with. Get down to Swansea Parkrun and have a crack at bringing your 5k time down as a soft target on the road to the half marathon to keep things interesting.

    Also, there will be peaks and troughs in the training year. Totally normal for training to reduce after a big race, even if it wasn’t the half marathon as intended.

    Keep at it and just think, you’ll still be going long after all the New Year’s Resolutions no hopers have given up!

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