5 miles on a sausage butty!

I learnt today that sausage butties are not good fuel for long runs. Remember that 5 mile training run we didn’t do last week? Well today we did it! But it was BRUTAL. Seriously. Worst run in a long time. 5 miles with a sausage butty bouncing around in your stomach does not make for a good run. And I could blame just the butty but it was a combination of many things that made it hard. We ran out and back around part of Swansea bay. It’s our normal route but today it was covered in sand! It’s been rather windy lately and the sand does blow all over the path, but it was pretty bad today. I find running on sand really annoying. It just makes everything uneven I guess. I certainly feel like i’m working harder running on a sandy surface than on a concrete one.

It was also bitterly cold. Now don’t think i’m complaining. I’d rather have cold and sunny over wet and windy any day but I still haven’t quite got the winter running attire down. I layered up – wore my headband to cover my ears, wore my gloves, and a windbreaker type jacket (as it was a bit windy). All was ok to begin with but then I started to overheat so I took off the windbreaker and tied it round my waist which wasn’t a problem. But then my head got really warm, so I had to take off my head band as well. Whilst this was going on, my legs (and bum) were freezing still! My top half had warmed up but my legs were still chilly…even though they were doing all the work! It was as if some parts of me were boiling and other parts of me were freezing and it was just miserable!

We ran intervals. 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking. I found it so hard to keep running for 5 minutes after about the second interval. I know I can run for 30 odd minutes without any walking so I don’t know why – I guess it was just a combination of all the other stuff feeling wrong. Anyway, the dear old Garmin data speaks for itself really:

Mile 1 – 11:01 – a little too fast

Mile 2 – 11:51 – that’s more like it

Mile 3 – 12:38 – starting to struggle now…

Mile 4 – 13:48 – forget it. i’m giving up!

Mile 5 – 11:59 – now i’ve walked for a good amount of time i’m ok again.


So yea, as you can tell the intervals totally went out the window between miles 3 and 4 and I ended up sulkingly walking through a whole 5 minute run interval to avoid having a complete tantrum/breakdown because of how horrible this run was feeling! Thankfully I did manage to get going again and complete the last mile in a somewhat respectable (for me) time.

So all in all. YUK. But you know what, I wanted to do the 5 miler so I knew I could and I did! It may have sucked, I may have walked more of it than I anticipated, but I got through the distance and it’s done now and I can move on with it and move on with the training plan without feeling like i’ve missed it and worrying about any negative impacts missing a long run will have. It’s done.

So i’ll chalk this one up as just a bad run. We all have them. Not every run will be amazing, and I know not to let one bad run get me down.

And at least for once, the sun was shining!




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