Walt Disney World eats!

There are lots of great dining options at Walt Disney World, whether you are after a 3 course (or more in some cases) fine dining meal, a quick table service dinner, fast food, or a sweet treat!

Contrary to what you may think, it’s not all chips and burgers at Walt Disney World. You can get a massive variety of healthy and not-so-healthy options across the parks and resorts, and i’m going to share a few of my favourite ‘eats’ with you today!


One of my favourite breakfasts to enjoy whilst at Disney World are Mickey Waffles! Deliciously sweet and thick American style waffles… shaped like Mickey Mouse!! If that doesn’t scream ‘your at Disney World’ to you then nothing will!

Glorious Mickey waffles!

Another recent favourite i’ve enjoyed is the open faced poached egg, applewood bacon and brie sandwich from Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom – it’s a delicious combination, and makes a change from some of the more sugary breakfast options typical to America (see above Mickey Waffles as a prime example).

Comes with fruit so it must be healthy right?? right???!!??



There are tonnes of great places to grab a quick lunch at Walt Disney World. Almost everywhere sells burgers and fries, but for a slightly different type of ‘burger’ style meal, try a BBQ pulled pork sandwich from Cosmic Rays at the Magic Kingdom. Plenty of delicious pulled pork and flavoursome BBQ sauce make this a nice change from a beef burger!


If you want to move WAY away from fast food, try Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT, which has loads of great healthier options for lunch! Our personal favourite is the Mongolian beef and rice, but we also enjoy the Turkey sandwich!




There are so many great sit down restaurants at Walt Disney World that its hard to choose, but I can’t go think about Walt Disney World dinners without mentioning one of my personal favourites – Mama Melrose in Hollywood Studios! I’ve been lucky enough to have the steak TWICE – it comes with a four cheese pasta and an amazing red wine reduction – It was the best steak i’ve ever had. THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD!!!! And when I went back the second time it was just as good as I remembered, which is a testament to a good quality  restaurant I think!

I have dreams of this steak!!!



No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete for me without eating a few sugary snacks!! I can’t go without a Mickey rice crispy treat – made to order at Goofy’s Candy Co. in Downtown Disney. I like mine covered in M&M’s but there are tonnes of toppings to choose from.


I have also recently discovered the Ice Cream Macaroon Sandwich from the L’Artisans Des Glaces – Chocolate Macaroons with ice cream as the filling! Its a chewy, melty dream!!


And of course, we can’t forget the old WDW cupcake. Or should I say GIANT cupcake! Seriously, these things are huge! About 3 times the size of a normal cupcake! There are so many varieties of cupcake being sold all across the parks and resorts, and they change frequently. My favourite was the Darth Vader cupcake – chocolatey peanut buttery goodness!

Amy… I am your cupcake!!!


So there you have some of my favourite Walt Disney World eats! There is so much variety at Disney that what ever food you fancy, you should be able to find and enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Walt Disney World eats!

  1. Yum!!! I’ll be at WDW in a month. I can’t wait to eat all the yummy food. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cupcake @ WDW. Where were the Vader cupcakes from?

    I’ve never been to Mama Melrose. We always go to 50’s Primetime Cafe.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the vader cupcakes were from Studio Catering Co at Hollywood Studios. It was a year or so ago now though so they may have moved. Hollywood studios would be my best guess tho with all the star wars stuff. enjoy your trip 🙂

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  2. Oh the waffles… I miss the waffles. We tried to get a reservation at MAma Melrose but couldn’t. Popped in on the off chance and staff were so rude, really disappointing. We splashed out and went to Citricos in ten grand Floridian which was fantastic and California grill in the co temporary which was out of this world. Some Dining plans works for that and then it is a steal! A little hidden gem for breakfast lunch and dinner is the Wave on the ground floor of the Contemporary. It has lovely food, brilliant staff and it is ever busy. Possibly the only place where you don’t need to book in advance.

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    1. We did California Grill and I agree it was amazing! Did you watch wishes from their balcony? So good! Never tried Citricos or the Wave, need to add them to my list!


      1. Yes we did watch wishes. Was almost better than being in the MK. I love the wave, a little hidden gem. We had breakfast there once, lunch 3 times and dinner once. But then it was downstairs in our hotel. I want to go back! Now!

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  3. Yup me too! Virgin holidays have a sale and they had a week in May going for £550 at the all stars!!! I keep looking at it every day…. Its taking all my will power not to say ‘sod it’ but I’m trying to save for a bigger trip next year for Gids 30th and I think i’d actually like to try somewhere else this year… So hard though!! Love it so much! Waaaa!


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