Another yukky run!

After a self induced rest period from Sunday through to today due to our chesty colds we decided to go out and try to run a 10k as per the training plan this morning. This was perhaps a little of an optimistic goal for 2 people recovering from chesty colds, and so we only ended up running 4 miles. It was another absolute killer of a run. We tried the 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking intervals again, but i’m starting to think they might not be the best combo for us. We started our run by running directly into a wicked headwind which obviously didn’t help matters. It sucked the air right out of my lungs and Gideon really struggled as his chest has been worse than mine with this cold. It was like trying to run against a wall, my legs were like bricks and just didn’t want to move. We plodded against the wind for just over 2 miles but then Gid felt a little light headed so we decided to turn around and go back. It was much easier going with the wind behind us, but my legs were still so stiff. I’m wondering if its my shoes – they have a very high arch support, which is apparently what I need, but until I get used to it I guess it’s going to feel like my legs are working harder as the shoes are trying to correct my feet from rolling inwards. I hope I can get used to it soon.

Anyway at 4 miles we decided to turn off the Garmin and walk the rest of the way back to the car. Overall it wasn’t an awful long run pace, averaging at about 12’53 per mile which isn’t terrible for us, but i’d still like it to be quicker.

I’m still feeling like running is a real struggle at the moment, and these difficult runs don’t help matters! It feels like we’ve lost a lot of the fitness levels we built up, and I expect it ‘feels’ like we have lost more than we actually have but even so, it’s frustrating having to build back up slowly when you feel you should be much further along by now!



2 thoughts on “Another yukky run!

  1. You are probably further along than you think. You guys are doing great. Some runs just suck. They do make the really good ones even better though. Keep it up, you really are doing great!


  2. I have had to rebuild my fitness more times than I care to remember but each one gets easier as you still have a Base of fitness to build from. I ran in that headwind too and it made me turn around as well. Just focus on getting better. Your next run will be a great one


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