Weekly training recap: Mon 18th Jan – Sun 24th Jan

Can’t say we have done much training this week. Monday-Thursday was a self induced rest period to get rid of the chesty colds we have had. It seems to have worked, we are both feeling much less clogged up now. Hopefully it will stay that way.

We managed a run on Friday – though not quite as far as the training plan called for. I’m hoping we can do the 10k run in the next week some time to be back up to speed. The good thing is that our training plan had quite a long taper period so we can probably run a week behind without to much of an issue and still be adequately trained for the half at the end of March.

Monday – Thursday:

Rest and recover from chesty cold.


4 miles using run/walk intervals of 5 minutes running 1 minute walking. Average pace 12’58 per mile. Found this to be another difficult run. Lots of headwind for the first half until we turned around.



Walked 1.6 miles around Swansea Marina – we have been trying to go out for walks at the weekend, even if it isn’t very far, it beats just sitting around if we have nothing planned.



Walked 1.21 miles around the local woods – have to try and burn off a bit of that roast beef dinner!

I think i’d like to try and incorporate some more mid-week strength building workouts into my plan. Last summer when I was doing the workout DVD’s with a group of friends and doing the 30 day shred video’s on youtube on a semi-frequent basis I did feel like this helped improve my overall fitness levels. I’ve been really struggling with the run’s lately, probably because it’s winter and i’ve fallen out of the habit a bit until now, so hopefully adding some extra actives through the week will keep things varied and improve my fitness/strength – making running easier. My plan is to try and do at least one aerobics/stretching session a week. We have an amazon fire stick now which means I can stream youtube from the TV which will be much easier than trying to follow a video from my laptop!


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