My day at the Spa

So I went for my spa day today. The last few months have been hard and it was nice to have a day where I could totally switch off my brain and not think about life or work or uni work or anything else. I just swam and chilled and read my book. Bliss!

I did manage a small stint in the gym though- I wanted to earn my day of relaxation! The treadmill soon became very boring, aspecially since it faced a frosted up window and nothing else!! So you couldnt see outside to watch the world go by, and there was no TV or music to entertain me, so I did a 15 minute treadmill run- admittedly I probably should have gone longer but id forgotten my inhaler so I didnt want to push it. I then did 15 minutes on the cross trainer and about 10 minutes on the rowing machine, so we’ll call that my first cross-training workout for the week done!!

Then it was just a day of relaxing, swimming around, sitting in the Jacuzzi, reading my book…. All whilst getting to wear a big fluffy dressing gown and slippers! Awsome!

Lunch was also yummy, there was lots of salad and bread and some yummy potato wedges. There as also tiny cheesecake pots for pudding – I appreciate tiny foods because they always look so cute, but I did eat more than one to make up for the tiny size!

So i’m now sufficiently rested and ready for my week of study and dissertation writing, and when I checked my phone at lunchtime I was greeted by the news I got a 75 on my last essay, so i’m feeling pretty good about this studying malarky right now!!


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