More bling for the collection!

Whilst procrastinating from writing my dissertation I came across this on Facebook:



That’s right – it’s the finishers medal for the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon which I will (hopefully) be adding to my collection in 50 days time (eek).

It’s a mini Cardiff Castle, and I think it’s pretty cute looking – though I hope it’ll perhaps be on a slightly nicer ribbon (clearly my wine and dine half medal has spoiled me and nothing will now compare). What do you guys think?? 

Oh, and you’ll all be pleased to know no doubt, that with 50 days to go, I have actually done some running this week (hoorah), including clocking in a pretty fast mile by my standards, whilst listening to ‘shake it off’ by Taylor Swift… apparently Taylor must make me run faster!!

I have actually gone faster, but it’s my fastest mile since i’ve had my new Garmin – and certainly the fastest of 2016!!





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