Weekly Training Recap: Mon 1st Feb – Sun 7th Feb

That’s right guys, there is actually a weekly training recap post this week because we have  actually DONE SOME TRAINING!!!! Have you fallen off your seat in shock?!?! I can hardly blame you if you have, but get back up now so you can hear all about it!!


As I mentioned earlier in the week. I did 1 mile at the spa gym on the treadmill – not sure of the actual pace but around 13 mins. I also did some cross-training on the elliptical machine and the rowing machine, and some (leisurely) swimming.

Gid had a rest day.


Completed a Chris Powell workout video from youtube, which was lots of squatting and push ups and other stretchy things.

Both times we did this workout I went to bed and found that my legs felt a little achy – not terribly – but enough that I noticed, so it must be doing something good!


Ran 1.27 miles with an average pace of 11’17 per mile. The first mile was fast at 10.45 – must have slowed down a fair bit for the last 1/4 mile. Doh.


Completed a Chris Powell workout video from youtube.


Rest day


Rest day


Ran 5k IN THE RAIN!!!!!! You have all fallen off your seats again haven’t you?? Unfortunately, what with the British weather it was either run in the rain this weekend or skip it again, and we have skipped far to many lately to skip anymore.

I said we wanted to do between 5k and 10k depending on how we felt, and due to the rain we did stick to the low end of this spectrum and just did 5k, but actually it turned out to be a pretty decent run, once you got over the initial mile of “why the hell am I outside running around in this weather”. Average pace was 11’46 per mile, with splits of 11.14 for mile 1, 11.42 for mile 2 and 11.46 for mile 3 which is fairly consistent, plus this was our hilly route by our house and we really didn’t stop to walk that much. I even ran up the big hill TWICE without stopping (as we were looping) and then again up another fairly big hill right at the end to make it up to 3.1 miles, because I didn’t want to stop before it got to 5k!!! What has happened to me?!?!


Anyway mission accomplished for this week! I can’t feel my legs because they are still cold, but at least I have a nice cup of tea!!!





9 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap: Mon 1st Feb – Sun 7th Feb

    1. I really didnt want to go out in the rain, but then again theres a very good chance it will pour down during our half marathon so best get prepared for it!

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  1. When we are getting close to an event, I always tell Adam that we have to go out and run regardless of the weather because, what if it rains during the event? We still have to go and do it, especially if we are doing it to raise money for charity. Well done for getting out in what must have been very cold rain.

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    1. Its a basic but good little watch, I’ve only had it since just after Christmas… I may do a review on it soon actually, now i’ve got to grips with it 🙂


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