To run in the rain today or not to run in the rain today? That is the question!

Since Tuesday I’ve had a horrible cold. It started with a sore throat and then progressed to a full on head cold complete with runny nose, stuffed up ears, headache and horrible cough. I’m now feeling better, although I have that horrible post-cold phlegmy cough you can sometimes get, which every now and again makes me feel like i’m choking! So needless to say I haven’t ran this week.

I said last weekend after we did our 8 miler that we’d try and get the 10 miler done this weekend to save ourselves from having to do a 10 mile training run and a 5k race in the same weekend. We’ll its Saturday today, and i’m just not sure what to do. A part of me really wants to do the 10 miles, just so Its its done and out of the way, but its another horrible horrible winters day here with non-stop driving rain and a cold wind. I’m just not sure that 10 miles is a good idea when i’m still not fully over my chesty cold – but it could just be the weather putting me off.

We decided yesterday that we would plan to do this 10 miler at race time so that we can try to work out the best way to fuel for the half marathon. The IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon starts at 2pm. That is a weird weird time to start a race. The 10k we did in Swansea last year started at 1pm and I remember hating that race! I’ve looked online for fuelling ideas for an afternoon race and I can’t find very much. The only real advice was for evening races which seem a tiny bit more common that afternoon ones, so i’ve tweaked that advice and we’ve fuelled accordingly for this afternoons run to see if these would be good foods to eat on half marathon day that won’t leave us feeling bloated or with dodgy stomach’s. Last night we had chicken and rice (our standard pre-run fuel) then this morning for breakfast we had porridge and we are planning on eating lunch at about midday and having a bagel with jam (peanut butter for Gid) and a banana. However all this prep is useless if we don’t go and run at 2pm because of the horrible horrible rain!

The forecast for tomorrow is looking about 10% better than today. A little better, but not enough that it seems definitely worth it to postpone until tomorrow. But then again, i’m wondering if an extra day to get over the cold would be a good idea. We could do the same fuelling again tomorrow morning so it wouldn’t be too much of an issue in that sense, but if the weather is terrible and we don’t feel good we risk not getting it done at all. So the question really is to run in the rain today or not to run in the rain today??

I’m having a really hard time calling this one.


7 thoughts on “To run in the rain today or not to run in the rain today? That is the question!

    1. Yeah… I’m leaning towards staying inside. Its pretty yucky still and the wind is very strong as well. Even if its bad tomorrow we can always do a shorter run tomorrow and then a longer run next weekend – we are a bit ahead of the plan so it wouldn’t be the end of the world

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  1. I’ve been thinking about how I’ll tackle the 2pm start and food for the day. My plan will almost certainly be my normal breakfast of a couple of slices of toast at around 9am, followed with something like a banana and some toast at 12pm to give it time to digest but still top everything off.

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    1. Yeah thats what i’m thinking. Bland stuff i’d normally have for breakfast. If it works at breakfast why shouldnt it work at lunch?!? I’ll let you know how out test goes… It’s gonna be tomorrow though 😛

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  2. I often go for a session with my trainer at 2pm on a Monday and will usually have porridge or overnight oats for breakfast and then have a shake for lunch. I’d probably do the same for an afternoon run. I’d also take jelly babies with me to keep me going 😉 Hope you get out tomorrow but it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t. You need to take care of you and make sure you are fit and well x

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