Weekly training recap: Mon 15th Feb – Sun 21st Feb

Not much to recap this week. As I explained yesterday, i’ve had a horrible cold all week so training has once again been on hold. I’m really getting battered by colds this winter, not that thats anything new really!

So I also explained yesterday that we were still debating whether to do the 10 mile training run. Basically we had thought to bring this run forward a week so that we didn’t have to do it next weekend on the same weekend as our 5k race. However what with the cold and the horrific weather this weekend we were in two minds as to whether we should stick with that or just leave it and do it next week. In the end common sense won and we decided to postpone it until today and then review. However Gideon woke up with the sore throat that started my cold this morning so it was swiftly off to the shops for more stocks of lemsip and strepsils. Common sense again has won out. The weather is maybe 10% better than yesterday but still really not good. Here is a picture from my window to show you just how horrible it looks:


Yeah, not great is it, and it’s incredibly incredibly windy. So we made a decision (probably somewhat stupidly considering) to go and run the 5k that was originally scheduled for this weekend instead of the 10 miles. Could we have gone and ran 10 miles yesterday? probably. But does it really matter than we didn’t? probably not. I’m still confident we will be able to do the half marathon even though training has been all over the place. It probably won’t be an amazing performance, but we’ll do it non the less. Anyway, it’s our first one so it’ll give us something to improve on later in the year!

So todays 5k. HORRIBLE. Just as horrible as I was expecting! We decided to run down the hill to the park, round the park, back up to our housing estate and round the houses to finish it off. Down the hill to the park was great – we did that mile in 10:45. The wind was behind us, the rain had eased a little. I was lured into a false sense of security that this might actually be a good run. Then round the park… we’ll there were lots of puddles and when we were back facing the wind it was a nightmare! My legs just didn’t want to move. It was like they were made of wood, and it stayed like that for the whole remainder of the run, with both miles being so much slower at 12:19 and 12:29. It didn’t help that these miles were back up hill.

I’m proud of Gid because he very nearly gave up and went home at the end of mile 2, but he pushed on through despite having the sore throat and feeling generally run down and we both completed the 5k.

So thats that basically. No need for me to go through the days of the week as that’s all we have done. Next Sunday we are running the St. Davids Day 5k in Cardiff. I wanted to push myself in this run and really try for a good time, but as we have to do our 10 mile training run on the Saturday i’ll see how the legs feel. I think i’ll be quite happy just to amble around enjoying myself if the 10 miler goes well the day before!

Happy running everyone!


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