On Sunday night before I feel asleep I was thinking about the day and how we didn’t manage to get our 10 mile training run done that weekend. I was kinda bummed about it. I mean we did 5k and that was ok but it wasn’t 10 miles and we need to do 10 miles. Then in my sleepy haze I suddenly stopped and thought to myself, wait a moment, when did I become a person that thought 5k wasn’t a long way?!

5k is a long way. 5k is 3.1 miles. 3.1 miles is from my house down into the city centre – which is far. It takes me 20+ minutes to drive that in my car sometimes when its busy, and i’ve never considered walking from here into town, but the fact that I can run it in loops around my neighbourhood, or out-and-back along the sea front isn’t a bit deal anymore?! I think I need a change of perspective! Since early 2015 i’ve ran approximately 249.7 miles. Thats the equivalent of 9+ marathons. ME. I’ve ran that. Not all at once but still i’ve done THAT many miles. The distance between Swansea to almost-Leeds by road according to Google maps. ME.

And I know I can go further than that – i’ve done it. But just because I can go further doesn’t mean I should stop seeing 5k as a big achievement, or any ‘little’ distance for that matter. This time last year I could barely go a mile, and i’d never ran 5k. I ran my first 5k on 7th March 2015 according to my nike+ app, and now that distance doesn’t even seem a big deal. I have come so far, and i’d almost forgotten just how far. Lots of people will never attempt to run a 5k or a 10k or a half marathon like I have/am. I pound the pavements putting pressure on my knees and feet and raising my heart rate and making my face turn beetroot multiple times a week and my body lets me do it. I keep pushing it a little bit further as time goes on and a little bit faster and it lets me. It does want I want it too. I should be grateful for that – not everyone has that luxury.

As running becomes just a normal part of my life, i’m glad I am able to look back and still see the extraordinary achievement it is for me. I need to remind myself sometimes that 5k is still 5k. It’s still 3.1 miles and 3.1 miles is still a bloody long way and I just ran it. ME.


4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I had to have a very similar conversation with myself recently. I’d gotten into a cycle of only running 5k, thinking that if I could do it then anything less was unacceptable. Not surprisingly I injured myself and it was only when I protested that I’d not been overdoing it because I only ran 5k four times a week I realised I was overdoing it. Although maintaining conditioning and stamina when race training is important, it’s equally important to retain perspective. Good luck on your continued goals and always remember, don’t be so hard on yourself! I know I have to keep remembering that.

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  2. Last year I ran the Race for Life with my then 6 year old. It made me realise exactly how far 5k is. It’s easy to say “only 5k” but actually that’s pretty far!! To see it through my little Lady’s eyes brought it home to me and I remembered how I used to struggle to run that distance. As runners we need to remember that and not berate ourselves when we “only run 5k”

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