10 miles down, 3.1 to go!!

So this morning we went out and did our 10 mile training run. It went surprisingly well – except for that i’ve destroyed my feet for tomorrow. Basically we got to around 7 miles and my feet started to rub a bit in my shoes. The remaining 3 miles were moderately painful, though I was able to run through it (perhaps stupidly). Anyway, when I got home to inspect them I can see that they have definitely rubbed. They have rubbed on the arch, where my shoes have the extra padding for stability. I don’t really know what I can do about this? They are fine on shorter runs but over a certain distance they seem to hurt. I wasn’t wearing the best running socks, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Tomorrow i’ll definitely wear my proper ones – and it’ll be off to the shops in a minute to get some proper blister plasters. Hopefully they’ll hold out for the 5k tomorrow, i’ll just take it steady and walk it if needed. If you have any suggestions to stop them rubbing then i’d definitely like to hear them!

Anyway, the 10 miles. They were good. And fast! We completed them in 2 hours and 59 seconds. I was hoping that it would take us about 2 hours so i’m really pleased with that! Most miles were between 11 minutes and 13 minutes with the first being 11.27 and the last being 11.38, so almost as fast as the first! Crazy! There was one slow mile (mile 4 – 13.17) which was only slow because we walked through a run segment as we were trying to de-layer, take a clif shot (cherry – which was beyond disgusting) and hydrate. Apart from that, we stuck to all our intervals (3 minutes running and 1 minute walking).

We decided early on to take a little detour from our normal route on account of the very cold wind which we were once again having to run into! So instead of going right around the bay from one end to the other, we went half way around the bay, then up through the woods and back for 4 miles, and then back around the bay to the car. It was good – it kept the run feeling fresh and got us out of the wind into the shelter. The path through the woods was pretty much deserted apart from the odd runner/cyclist so we didn’t have to weave in and out of people very much.


I was thinking back to the last time we ran through the woods whilst we were running. We have only ever done it once before and that was all we did. I remember I struggled so much on the way out because its a very slight but continuous incline all the way until the turn around point. Last time we ran it (which was a good 8 months ago probably) I really found it a struggle to get up that long incline, but today I found it so much easier, so all that hill work around the neighbourhood must really be paying off. Plus, when we turned around it meant two miles of downhill running and we all know I love downhill!!

Anyway thats 10 miles done from our crazy weekend of running and all we have now is our 5k race tomorrow! We are running the St. Davids Day 5k in Cardiff. It takes place in Bute Park and starts at 10am so it will mean an early morning (as Cardiff is a good hour to drive to from us) but afterwards I shall reward myself for my efforts with my favourite lunch from when I used to work in Cardiff – a magic wrap!! It’s basically a great big chicken filled wrap with whatever other fillings you want to put in it (like halloumi, sundried tomatoes, salad, olives, and all manner of sauces) I literally cannot wait!

So I suspect I shall be hobbling around the course tomorrow, but thats ok. I’m proud of my effort today, and i’m happy just to enjoy the race tomorrow and go into it without any expectations or goals! I’m going to make it a proper fun-run!



11 thoughts on “10 miles down, 3.1 to go!!

  1. Have you been gait assessed? I’ve had a few friends suggest this as I have problems with my knees and hips, don’t know if it’d pick up on something that happens over a long distance though…

    Also, good luck for tomorrow, hopefully your feet don’t trouble you too much!

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    1. Yeah, these are the shoes they recommended after the gait analysis which is why its a bit weird. Hopefully they’ll survive with some blister plasters!!


  2. Excellent work! Treat tomorrow as a recovery run if needs be – you don’t want to smash yourself to pieces and derail yourself for most of next week.

    Regarding the hot spots in your shoes, try smothering the problem area in Vaseline and then put your socks on as normal. Did that during my second marathon and finished without a single blister.

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  3. Well done 🙂 fab run. My trainers rubbed there a couple of weeks ago but I thought it was because I’d run through muddy fields and my feet had got wet. Will have to see what happens tomorrow. But yes. Proper blister plasters. Huge compeed ones! 🙂 good luck tomorrow 🙂


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