Weekly training recap: Mon 22nd – Sun 28th Feb

We did it!!!

My ‘feet are dead and I look like a beetroot but I have a medal’ face!!

This weekend we have ran 13.1 miles – ok so it wasn’t all at once – we ran 10 miles in training yesterday and 3.1 miles for our race today, but i’m still so pleased!! It’s been great practice for our proper half marathon in a months time!!

We ran the St. Davids Day 5k this morning, and though there were no PB’s i’m still so incredibly proud of our efforts. We both ran the whole race without any walking – myself on incredibly painful blistered feet. Gideon finished in 32 minutes and 48 seconds and I finished in 34 minutes and 34 seconds! That’s still faster than most of our training run’s and on sore legs from our 10 mile run yesterday – i’m pretty happy with that. I’ll do a proper race recap later in the week.

My feet are now DEAD. I have what can now only be described as a 10p sized open-wound on the sole of my left foot now from where one blister has gone pop. So much for the blister plasters – they just rubbed right off as soon as we started! Still, if anything it just makes todays achievement even more impressive – to be in pain from the very beginning of the race and to still not do any walking – i’m pretty pleased with myself!! Now I just need to make sure it heals up properly before I attempt to go out running again and I need to watch that it doesn’t get infected, I definitely don’t want to still have it for the half marathon!

So thinking about our 2 runs this weekend – the 10 miler and the 3.1 miler – if I add our times for both together its roughly 2 hours 35 minutes. So this i’ve decided is going to be my half marathon goal. 2 hours 35 minutes. Well actually, anywhere between 2 hours 30 minutes and 2 hours 40 minutes would be amazing, but i’m sure it will depend a lot on the circumstances on the day – the weather, how well our fuelling has gone, how my foot is etc. So goal A is faster than 2 hours 40 minutes and goal B is just to finish! I think those are some good goals.


Rest day


Ran 2 miles using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace: 11:52 per mile. Went around the neighbourhood so quite hilly. But it wasn’t quite dark yet and it wasn’t raining or windy for once!!! Spring is on it’s way people – I can’t wait till its warm enough to just wear one layer of running clothing again!



Rest day


We didn’t run today because we knew we had a hard weekend of running ahead and wanted our legs to be rested.


Rest day


Ran 10 miles using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace: 12:06 per mile. Took a little detour into the woods to escape the crazy wind again. The whole run took 2 hours 59 seconds. Not to shabby.


Ran 5k race without any walking. Finished in 34 minutes 34 seconds. Average pace: 11:14 per mile.


So next week i’m off to London to see a friend for the weekend who I used to live with at university. She used to run a bit back then (when I was still the kind of person that thought running was for crazies) and has suggested we go for a little run at some point on the weekend. I’m excited to run with her around the bit of London where she lives – it’s always fun to run somewhere new. Hopefully, I can get at least one maintenance run in during the week, but i’m going to see how my foot heals first. I can’t afford to make it worse right now, but hopefully with some tlc it will heal up quickly.

Happy running guys!



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