5 things Running has taught me.

I seem to come up with some really great blog ideas when i’m lying in bed before I fall asleep… I then promptly forget them all by morning! Last night I was thinking about the things running has taught me about myself and my abilities, so here is my little list – which probably won’t sound half as eloquent as it did in my head last night before I drifted off!

  1. Practice makes perfect – We all know this, we grow up having it engrained in us through musical instrument practice, sports practice, revising for exams etc. but secretly i’m sure everyone hopes they can get away without it. And yes, I might still be able to run when if I don’t keep up with my training, but it probably won’t be to the best of my abilities. So just like everything else, practicing running is important. Getting out and doing the training will get you through and the more you do the better you will become, whether its being able to go a little bit faster or a little bit further. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.
  2. Mind over matter – So often with running its not my legs that give up its my head. I hit a mental wall, or have a bad run and it discourages me for the next one. My body is capable of incredible things, but sometimes I have to work really hard to convince my brain of that!
  3. You will feel rubbish if you put rubbish into your body – I never noticed it before I started running, but if you eat crap all day, you’ll likely feel like crap all day. I’ve noticed it so much more since I started running that if I eat the wrong types of foods i’ll feel sluggish. Now this isn’t too problematic when you are sitting on a sofa watching TV all evening but it becomes a problem when you want to go out running. I have a much better idea of what is good for me and what isn’t now, because I can really feel its effects when I exercise.
  4. Encouragement is the best – Runners are a pretty encouraging bunch. And it really really does help. It makes you feel good, it keeps you motivated, it’s reminds you that we all struggle with the same things but that doesn’t make us failures. I try to give back encouragement wherever I can, because I know how much it helps me. If it helps you, you can bet it helps others too, so always give back what you receive.
  5. Winning is a personal thing – Lets face it, i’m never going to enter a race and come first (unless perhaps I’m the only person running), but running has taught me that winning is a personal thing. I win every time I get out of the door on a cold rainy night rather than skipping a training session. I win when I go that little bit further than I did last week. I win when I plod my way over the finish line and get a shiny medal round my neck – even though I didn’t come first. Running for me is personal, and I can be proud and call myself a winner every time I meet even the smallest goal, because i’m getting out there and doing it!

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