Weekly training recap: Mon 29th Feb – Sun 6th March.

Todays weekly training recap comes to you from a national express bus trying to get out of London so please excuse the typos, spelling mistakes and general grumblings that come from trying to compose a blog post on your mobile!

I have had a lovely weekend in London, catching up with family, friends and sight seeing and am now on my way home ready for another week of work tomorrow (boo). I did manage to get a run in this weekend which was great and I also did a fair bit of walking.

I skipped both of the scheduled week-day runs this week to let the blisters I rubbed during last weeks training run and race heal. Whilst they are still there, they are healing nicley and are no longer painful to walk on- just slightly uncomfortable during long distances. 

I ended up taking my old running shoes with me to London. I thought it might help to run in shoes with slightly different cushioning so that it didnt rub the blisters in the exact same place. This seemed to have worked as they definately havent got any worse. 

Monday – friday:

No running due to blisters.


Walked 7 miles in total around London according to my Garmin. I walked a long stretch of the south Bank as well as around Covent Garden and back to my friends from the station. My feet were definately feeling uncomfortable by the end of it but I wore sensible shoes so it was nothing too terrible.


Ran approximately 2.5 miles around Bushy Park on the outskirts of London. It was a very relaxed run- but that was perfect for my feet, and the garmin didnt clock it all because I got impatient waiting for Gps signal. Running on grass was helpful as the impact didnt feel as hard on my feet. Overall- it was a lot of fun and I was just glad to be testing running on my blisters and finding that they wern’t hurting.

We also walked another 4ish miles exploring during the day according to the Garmin.

Gideon tells me he ran 5k at home in about 31 minutes.
Next week is our last long run before the much awaited half marathon! We are aiming for 12 miles providing the blisters are still feeling good! 


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