Uh Oh i’ve done it again!


So i’ve done it again – signed up for another half marathon before completing the first one!! This one is the Swansea half marathon which takes place in June in my home city! Gideon signed up months ago and i’d been planning to do the same but was in no rush about it.

This morning (in a poor procrastination attempt from writing my dissertation) I decided that today was the day to sign up! So i’m in! Half marathon number 2 is now officially in the works!

I don’t know how i’m going to do at this months Cardiff World half marathon yet. It’s now only 16 days away (ahh), but whatever happens this month, i’ll have 13 weeks between then and the next one to improve upon it!

I found the Swansea 10k hard last year because I could constantly see all the hundreds of people in-front of me (some of them as tiny dots way into the distance) because of the out-and-back nature of the course. The half course is similar, and I know that may mentally cause me some problems on race day, but this is my home town half marathon and I feel I need to do it at-least once and tick it off my bucket list, so why not this year whilst i’m on a running roll!

Because of the nature of Swansea Bay i’ll be able to see allllll the people in-front of me from mile 6 to mile 11! Urghh! (Image curtesy of www.swanseahalfmarathon.co.uk

Anyone else planning on running this Swansea half this year? Any suggestions for training for a summer race and improving time?



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