New RunDisney Wine and Dine events for 2016!!

Last November we flew to Walt Disney World to run the wine and dine half marathon! Training for wine and dine really was the beginning of a weird love-affair with running for me. So when rumours surfaced that rundisney was planning on changing things up a bit for this years wine and dine event I was intrigued to see what exactly they had in store.

2015 Wine and Dine half marathon medal!

Yesterday a whole new look for the wine and dine rundisney weekend was announced. This year, instead of being a night half-marathon like it has been since it began, it will become a morning race like the rest of the rundisney events throughout the year! Furthermore, as well as this, the weekend has been expanded from the usual 5k and half marathon events, to include a 10k. AND, as well as this, they are offering a ‘Lumiere two course challenge’ option – which basically means you can run the 10k and the half marathon and earn yourself an extra medal!

So what do I make of these changes?

Well what drew us to the wine and dine half in the first place was that the race took place at night. I am NOT a morning person, and rundisney morning races start ridiculously early (the 5.30am start of this years wine and dine half illustrating my point nicely). This means waking up before 3am – which doesn’t appeal to me.

Then again… the last two years of wine and dine events have been plagued by bad whether. In our case, the race had to be shortened because of lightening storms in the area caused by the crazy heat and humidity. Holding the race stupidly early in the morning, probably does mean you run less of a risk of having to cancel or modify it due to humidity related whether.

Also, now that the highlight of the half marathon – the Osbourne spectacle of dancing lights – is gone forever from Hollywood Studios, it’s probably not necessary for the entire race to be in the dark.

A very blurring photograph from running through the Osbourne Lights and Wine and Dine 2015! 

Then of course there is the after party. An ‘after-party’ is still included this year with the run… only it takes place a good 12 hours after the run rather than straight after! I can kind of see the logic – we were so knackered from running last year that we didn’t go to the after party. Holding the race in the morning and then having the whole day to rest up (read: nap) means we likely would have gone had it been like this last year.

So I guess I can kind of see rundisney’s logic in changing things up a bit for the wine and dine weekend. But really, this year it’s all makes no difference to us as we are saving up for a 2017 disney vacation so there are no rundisney races on the cards for us in 2016! It’ll be interesting to see how well received the changes are though amongst the rundisney fans, and whether the event will sell out in record time as it did last year when registration opens on March 29th.

What do you think of the changes to the wine and dine weekend? Good or bad? Do you prefer racing in the morning or did you like that wine and dine was a night race? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “New RunDisney Wine and Dine events for 2016!!

  1. I didn’t know they were changing it. Though, to be fair, I wasn’t looking out for the dates for next year (or any other) as we’d already decided not to do the Wine and Dine Half again – there are other races we want to try.
    Personally, I am a better morning runner as I don’t have to worry too much about the food before the run. That said, the runDisney events are ridiculously early, mainly due to the fact that they have to get the runners through the parks before the parks open to the general public at 9.00 am. However, if (read: when) we go to do another runDisney event at WDW, I’ll probably time it so that we fly in on the Wednesday or Thursday and try to keep my body clock on UK time – that 5 hour difference will make all the difference I’m sure – as we often wake up easily at 5 or 6 am during the first few days of our holidays when we go over there.

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    1. Yeah that’s true – I found that it took a few days to adjust as well so that may we’ll be a good idea for us UK folk!


  2. I ran the half last year too, and it was my first go at a Disney 1/2 marathon. I was bummed that it didn’t turn out as expected, but I am still happy to see that they are adding on an additional race. My husband and I are actually really excited for it, as Beauty and the Beast was our wedding theme. I had a hunch they would switch to a day run after two years of weather issues and the Osborne Lights going away.

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    1. Yeah, I do think the switch makes sense now there is no Osbourne lights and the weather problems. I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic weekend! Enjoy it 🙂 x


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