So today we were aiming to do 12 miles, which was our last scheduled long run for this training cycle before the IAAF Cardiff World Half in 2 weeks time. Unfortunately I only managed just over 8 miles before my knee decided it had completely had enough and seized up in a way which made it incredibly painful whilst running! This is so frustrating as my knee has never given me trouble before! Never! My feet have blistered, i’ve had shin splints, my calves have seized up but my knees have always been fine! So why? Just why?

It hurts along the muscle/tendon (I think) on the right side of my right leg just behind/to the side of the knee cap. When i’m walking it just feels tight like i’ve pulled it (and I should know – as we had to walk 4 miles back to the car whilst freezing after we stopped running – why do these things always happen as far away from the car as possible). When I run, it feels like a massive build up of pressure, that almost needs to ‘pop’ (although i’m sure it most definitely does not need to pop!!!!) The worst pain was on a short sharp downhill slope, where it felt really weird and painful – almost vibrating!!! What the hell is this?? Is this the dreaded runners knee I read about? Whatever it is it’s bloody annoying!

The first few miles of running were sucky for a whole other reason – my breathing was all over the place and I was over-heating. After I sorted out my layers, and finally got into a rhythm everything seemed fine. We ran around the bay from mumbles, then crossed the road at Blackpill to run up and back down the path through the woods like we did two weeks ago. Up was fine. Down was where the trouble started I think. I feel like these shoes don’t like me running downhill. Maybe they are over-correcting my footing? I dunno, but my knee started to seize and a few more miles just totally destroyed it. I couldn’t run through it for more than a couple of minutes, and every time I started to run again (after walking) it was the same. I didn’t want to make it worse – so after a small teary meltdown we called it quits. Gideon was nice enough to stop and walk back to the car with me even though I told him he could go ahead and carry on running.

On the bright side – we did get to see a dragon whilst walking back up to the car – yes you read that right, a dragon! It was the mumbles St David’s day parade and all the school kids were walking along as a big dragon! Adorable!

Welsh Dragon!!!

So now i’m elevating and icing my leg, and hoping the weird strain/pain/whatever you want to call it goes away. I’m seriously considering running in my old running shoes for the next two weeks and running the half in them. I don’t know, but I feel like a lot of stuff has just gone wrong since I got my new shoes that was always fine before. Maybe they just arn’t the right shoes for me – which would be flipping annoying given the price they cost!

Thankfully it’s taper time now anyway, so I won’t need to do anymore long run’s before the half. I can rest the knee and do short easy runs to test it out. Hopefully it’ll be ok. So how am I feeling about the Cardiff World Half? Honestly? Unprepared. Training for this race has been sporadic, and I do not feel well trained. Today’s 12 mile run really would have given me the mental boost I needed so it’s a real blow that it didn’t happen. Our longest run in this cycle has been 10 miles, which I know is probably plenty, but I just wanted it to be that little bit further, and I certainly didn’t want to injure myself.

Stoopid running!

Any tips and advice for this weird injury? What do you do when you injure yourself with a race coming up? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Frustration!

  1. I feel your pain- literally! I hurt my knee a while back and have been learning to run with some adaptations. Epsom salt baths are the best for your muscles, and stretch right after you get out. I have also been looking into KT tape and it seems to provide some support (better than the brace). Good luck with your 1/2.

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  2. 10 miles is all I ever used to run before a half marathon. Even when I wad running them quite fast (relatively! For me). Most important thing is to rest. And not to get injured. You want to be able to run AFTER the half, too. Hope it feels better soon 🙂

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