Weekly training recap: Mon 7th March – Sun 13th March

So this isn’t going to be much of a training recap. Not a lot of training has happened this week really. We skipped both the midweek run’s – no excuses, just wasn’t feeling it at the time. And i’ve already been through yesterday’s running related injury.

Honestly – skipping the weekly run’s this week was stupid, but perhaps i’ll learn from my mistakes in the future.


Rest day


Skipped maintenance run


Did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout 1. It was hard – I haven’t done this one for a while (i’m well out of the habit) and I was wiped by the end of it. Hopefully I can build up some strength again by making this a weekly thing (though possibly not till my knee feels better).


Skipped ANOTHER maintenance run.


Rest day


Ran 8.81 miles using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace 13 minutes per mile. This is a slow average because the last mile kinda fell to pieces due to the injured knee as was mostly walked. Most of the ‘good’ miles were in the 11-12 minute range.


Went for a walk today – it was about 2 miles in total. We walked a mile down hill to Brandy Cove, stopped to enjoy the view and then walked back up again. It feels like spring has arrived today! It’s beautiful!

The downhill definitely aggravated my knee a bit. I could feel the pulling sensation that i’d had yesterday, so i’m definitely not going to start running on it yet. Uphill was fine, it’s definitely a downhill problem, which is so annoying because I love downhill! I’ll keep icing it for now.

So I really have no idea how next weeks training is going to look. It’s taper time what with the Cardiff World Half Marathon in 2 weeks, so I shouldn’t be doing much distance, but I really have no idea if i’ll be able to do anything at all.

My main focus for the start of the week is going to be on resting and stretching. I’ve found a lot of stretches online that are helpful for knee pain, and i’m going to ask my physio friend at work if he has any suggestions. I might try some light yoga as well, but the second any exercise aggravates it and I feel pain i’m stopping. If all things go well and I don’t get any pain I may try a light run towards the end of the week – i’ll play it by feel.

The goal is to just be well enough by race day to be able to finish. If it means I don’t run at all until then then so be it. I hope that’s not the case as i’ll be a nervous mess, but if rest is what is needed then that’s what i’ll do.



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