Still hurting.

So now i’ve had a chance to calm down a bit I should probably tell you about last nights run. I wanted to test the knee, I havent had any pain on walking for the last few days so I figured it was time to try a short run. I had been thinking about doing it Wednesday but decided against that in the end opting for one more days rest.

The plan was just to do a loop of where we live. Its not very flat unfortunately but I sort of wanted to see if it would hold up going downhill as thats when it hurt before. Turns out the answer is no – it wont.

It started to feel uncomfortable the moment I started going downhill and by the end it was really hurting again. I was forced to cut short all of my run intervals bar the first one- meaning a mile took me 13 mins 18 seconds which is atleast a minute longer than normal on hills. Needless to say I was (am) pretty peeved! I cried a little more, but I did all my stretches as soon as I got home and iced it.

So thats me done with running until the half marathon on the 26th March. Its total rest for me for the next week, and then i’ll give it a go and if its too much its too much and i’ll have to either walk it or drop out. Neither of which I want to do! Maybe a weeks rest will make it ok. Maybe wearing a knee brace will help (I have no idea- i’m looking into it). Maybe running very short 30/30 run/walk intervals will delay the pain. I may give that a try once the start congestion clears. I certainly will be walking ALL the downhills- but I hear its pretty flat so hopefully that won’t be too bad. 

To sum up then. I don’t know. I don’t know why it hurts. I don’t know how it started hurting. I don’t know how to stop it hurting. I don’t know if i’ll be able to run my first half marathon, and i’m bloody annoyed by all of it! 


12 thoughts on “Still hurting.

  1. Bummer. The arch in my right foot is a little sore at the moment, so you’re not the only one creaking a bit!

    Mile 4 features a short downhill section before reaching Penarth. Mile 11 becomes increasingly downhill before a short, sharp hill at mile 12, then it’s pretty much all downhill again from there until almost the finish.

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    1. I have been looking into it a bit- that or a knee support. I duno though- I think i’m a bit worried i’ll do it wrong. If theres a booth at the expo though maybe i’ll go have a look (its supposedly going to be quite a big expo for this country as its an international race)

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  2. Aw …… hope it gets a bit better now you’re resting. Enjoy your time off and be careful with that half. Don’t do it if the knee’s still painful. It’s not worth long term damage

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