The definition of rested…

So it’s almost time for the IAAF Cardiff World Half Marathon! 2 days to go! EEK! We’ll be hitting up the expo tomorrow to get our bibs and (hopefully) some free stuff!

So how am I feeling 2 days before what will (hopefully) be my first half marathon? Honestly… a bit meh. I feel like I used up all my nerves/crazies on what should have been my first half marathon back in November, so i’m not really that nervous about this one at all. In fact, all I want is to finish it and for it to be over – i’m not really feeling any excitement, though perhaps that will change when we go to the expo tomorrow. I think this is down to a combination of a couple of things:-

The knee injury – I haven’t ran since last Wednesday. OVER A WEEK. And at first I was a bit skittish and crazy and really wanted to say ‘screw it’ and go out and run, but i’m over that now. I knew that if I wanted to give myself the best chance of being able to complete this thing then I needed to rest. So that’s what i’ve done – I am literally the definition of rested right now! I have done NOTHING (except a little stretching) all week. I’ve been using up the rest of my holiday from work so i’ve literally just been sitting on my butt at home all week. I did do some cleaning today – but our house is little so it’s not much of a challenge to clean. So yeah. I’ve rested. I’ve given myself the best chance I think, but i’m still a bit apprehensive. I’m still a bit worried that as soon as I run again it’s going to start to hurt. There’s no way to tell until I start on Saturday, and I’m ok with that I think. I’d rather go in blind than try to run today or tomorrow and find it hurts and then be super depressed. Perhaps a silly logic but thats what i’m going with.

The second thing ruining my excitement is:

The weather forecast – yes i’ve been checking it all week like a crazy insane person and it is NOT GOOD. Am I surprised? No – it’s Wales. Am I annoyed? Yes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 13.59.06
Accuweather says rain… and wind… and cold…and more rain… and more wind! 

So it’s forecast to rain and be quite windy. Which as you know is my least favourite combination of running weather EVEERRRR. I hate rain. I hate wind. I hate them even more when you put them together. The thought of running (or potentially even walking depending on the knee) for hours in the rain and wind is not appealing. Plus it’s been really nice the last few weeks and I feel like mother nature has lulled me into a false sense of security and then gone ‘haha sucker – enjoy your half marathon!’

I am British of course – and we like to complain about the weather. I know once I start running i’ll probably be ok and they’ll be lots of other runners/spectators for moral support, but i’m still not looking forward to it. And it does raise some questions… what do I wear as someone who wants to run it, but may have to end up walking a large proportion if the knee hurts? how do I stay warm if I have to start walking and am soaking wet?

So that’s it basically. I feel a bit blah. Which is weird. I don’t know if my blah mood is just because I haven’t had any exercise induced endorphins for a week and a half or if i’m feeling a bit under the weather or if my dissertation is stressing me out a bit or what really? Probably a combination of all three.

Hopefully a half marathon medal on Saturday will change my mood. I just have to get through the race first!



7 thoughts on “The definition of rested…

  1. Take some anti-inflammatory pain medication, advil? If you have that there. The last one being right before bed the night before the race. Don’t take it that morning. Also ice the entire IT band. These two things should get the inflammation down and get you ready to run. Something is tight, complete rest isn’t always the solution for this problem as it just tightens things more but is probably your safest option so close to the race. Make you’re you’re stretching and foam rolling the entire leg as sometimes it’s other tight muscles that are cause the IT band strain.

    Mostly have fun and good luck!!! Pre race emotions can be all kinds of whacky, so focus on the day and enjoy the experience!


  2. I went to the expo today to pick up my stuff and in the goodie bag you get a free poncho. Hold onto it til you hit the barrage. That’s not going to be fun in the wind and rain. Put it on then lol. Or if you have to walk at least it’ll keep you partially dry.

    Good luck for Saturday and don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize. I can’t wait for my medal 😀

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    1. Oh good i’m glad there’s a poncho! I was considering a trash bag lol! Ive never been over the barrage- whats it like? Is there plenty of space? I’m imagining some tiny path with waves splashing up at me and the wind blowing me into the water atm! Lol!


  3. Good luck on Saturday! Fingers crossed the knee holds out! So sorry you are having to deal with an injury and yucky weather after the Wine & Dine incident! I ran a half in the rain as well. I bought one of those really lightweight ponchos and wore it. I thought it would be annoying to run in but it actually worked well and kept me dry and warm.

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