I haven’t ran at all since the half marathon on Saturday. I’ve decided instead to take a little break and let the massive blister between my toes and my aching knee heal a little. Instead I’ve spent the week stuffing my face with whatever delicious food I can find (which happens to be quite a lot as easter has just gone and all the unsold chocolate is now greatly reduced).  I should probably feel guiltier than I do about this, but guilt would never have stopped me in the past, and this year I have ‘I’ve just ran 13.1 miles’ as an extra justification!

Bunny anyone?

But the binge chocolate-fest and the ‘no exercise’ is going to have to stop sometime if I want to better myself at the next half marathon I’ve signed up for. The Swansea half marathon is 85 days away – which is a good 12 weeks to get myself ready. 12 weeks is a decent amount of time to be able to train and hopefully improve my time, but it’s a short enough time away that I cannot afford to much slacking.  So i’ll give myself today, and then try to get out for a little ‘recovery’ run this weekend. Then providing the knee is happy i’ll ease myself back into with a couple of weeks of short runs with lots of strength exercises in between, before ramping the mileage back up.

I think this should work, but I’d love to find a good 12 week half marathon time improvement plan I can try to roughly follow, so if you know of any, please point me in the right direction!


2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. My first half-marathon was right before Thanksgiving last year so i know all about stuffing your face afterwards. I took mine a little two far and it kept going until the New Year. It’s easy to get carried away so good thing you have another one coming up so soon to get you back in gear. I hope your knee pain stays away while you train for the next one! 🙂

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