A very late recovery run!

Remember I said I was going to try a little recovery run at the weekend after my week of eating chocolate and not doing exercise? Yeah… well that didn’t happen. Instead I ate more chocolate and didn’t exercise. It was awesome.

Well today I finally finally made it outside for a very very little and very late 1.08 mile recovery run! It’s a beautiful spring day here today, so I made the decision when in work to come straight home, change into my running gear straight away without even sitting down and then go back out. For once, that is exactly what happened. I was in at 4.05 and I was out again by 4.15.

I had no aspirations for this run, there was nothing I wanted to achieve. I literally just wanted to do a little jog around the neighbourhood to see what my knee was feeling and to just be out running again. It might only have been a mile, but that was fine today, a mile is still a mile and you have to start again somewhere.


It was lovely to be outside running again, but it definitely wasn’t an easy mile. I can feel the extra few pounds in chocolate which made me feel kinda slow and sluggish (even though I wasn’t really any slower than usual). My knee was also niggling still. I was kind of hoping the problem would just disappear after the half marathon, but that was obviously wishful thinking. I’m going to have to get it looked at. Annoyingly, the NHS being what it is means the earliest non-emergency appointment I could get with the Doctor was for the 20th of April, so it’s going to be a while before we figure out whats wrong with it. In the mean time I’ll just keep doing what I was doing before. Stretching, icing and I’ll do some little runs. I’ve made a training plan for the Swansea half, but that doesn’t kick in properly until the week of the 18th April so there’s certainly no pressure until then.

Anyway my exercise is well and truly resuming this week because I’ve agreed to go do a workout DVD with some friends tomorrow. We used to do this last year every few weeks and it was good fun, so hopefully it will be good fun again this year and work as good cross-training!


4 thoughts on “A very late recovery run!

  1. Trust me, I understand completely the extra poundage affecting the running, but you’ll be back to normal in no time! And delayed congrats on the half marathon!

    Also, I used to have to ice my knee after every run, but when I started cross training/CrossFit, all those squats really helped to strengthen and stretch my knee and I haven’t had to ice it after a run in YEARS! Maybe through so squats into your training (if you’re not already doing so) to help?

    Hope your knee feels better soon 🙂

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