Weekly training recap: Mon 4th April – Sun 10th April

This weeks weekly training recap recap’s a week where there has been nothing to train for! And do you know what? It’s been kinda nice, not having to worry about getting out to run and then feeling guilty if you didn’t.

I’m not saying that I don’t like having a training plan, because I do, and I don’t think I could prepare for a race without one. It’s nice to have a break though. I’ve only ran a tiny bit this week, but I’ve done other things and that’s been good too! I don’t feel bad for just running the once, because my training plan for the Swansea half hasn’t started yet, so there’s nothing to worry about. Plus with my knee still twinging, it’s probably best to take it easy until I know if there’s a problem.


Gideon ran a 5k as he was away on a training course. He completed this in 32 minutes and 22 seconds. I had a rest day.


I ran 1.08 miles with an average pace of 11:13 per mile. My knee was still a bit twingey  whilst running. The earliest appointment for the doctors I could get is the 20th, so if it hasn’t fixed itself by then i’ll be seeking a professionals opinion on what to do!


I did a workout DVD with friends. The basic idea is it’s 12 rounds of 3 minutes with a small break in between. Each round is slightly different, so some are cardio, some are strength, some are stretching, some work your legs, some work your abs etc. It’s actually pretty hard work and I always feel it the next day. I’m hoping the squatting and strengthening will strengthen my legs up and maybe help my knee. My knee doesn’t hurt when I do the workouts, only when I run which is annoying!


Rest day


Rest day


Walked approximately 3 miles along the seafront. It was a lovely day!

Not my bike – I don’t do bikes!


Rest day

So that’s it basically – I’ve done a tiny bit of running, some cross training and some walking. I’ve also spent some time this week devising a training plan for the Swansea half marathon, as proper training has to start again some time! The plan below is for 10 weeks and I created it myself, but hopefully we’ll be able to stick to it. I’ve put in some hill work as well to hopefully strengthen and speed us up, but I’ll have to see how the knee is once we get to the weeks with hill work and see if it’s a good idea.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 17.02.51

The training plan doesn’t start for another week, so we’ll take it easy again this week and just run when we feel like it, but hopefully a little bit more than last week, so that it won’t be a complete shock to the system when the ‘real’ training starts again!



One thought on “Weekly training recap: Mon 4th April – Sun 10th April

  1. Don’t sweat it – the body needs some downtime between training blocks for races. I’m hoping to ease myself back on the wagon this week with a return to normal training next week.


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