Weekly training recap: Mon 18th April – Sun 24th April

Well, much to my surprise I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week of ‘official’ training for the Swansea half marathon. We have more or less stuck to the plan this week, getting in the right number of runs even if some of them were slightly different to what was scheduled.

I went to the doctors on Wednesday about the knee pain I’ve been having. She spent a good few minutes moving my leg around at orkward angles to try and make it hurt, but it stayed perfectly painless throughout (as it only seems to hurt when I run – and mostly on downward slopes), so she concluded that it was probably some sort of tendon problem rather than damage to the knee joints or ligaments. She suggested I go to the drop in physio clinic at the local hospital which I intend to do when I get back from holiday, and she also gave me some ibuprofen gel as a stand by to use if the pain gets too much. I could still feel the pain at times during all my run’s this week, though it remained manageable, but I think a trip to the physio is probably a sensible idea before my mileage ramps right back up again.

Yesterday we drove to the Lake District where we will be spending the next week relaxing, walking and hopefully running. We managed to get our (slightly shortened) long run in today, on a non hilly route (which is hard to come by in the Lake District) so we were glad about that. There is also a pool here, so the coming weeks cross training will be in the form of walking and swimming!


I ran 2.38 miles at an easy pace with friends. Average pace was 13:04 per mile. We used run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking.


Rest day for Gid.


Gideon ran 2 miles at an easy pace on the treadmill.

I did a workout DVD with friends for cross-training. It was a HIIT-style workout, with 12 rounds of 3 minutes of different exercises. It involves a lot of squats and lunges (which I hate), but also has a 3 minute kicking session which I love for some reason!


Gideon ran 5k at a moderate pace on the treadmill.

Rest day for me.


Rest day


I attempted a tempo run. Ran 1.34 miles overall with an average pace of 10:06 per mile. Managed my fastest mile yet in 9 minutes 25 seconds! woohoo!

Rest day for Gid.


Rest day.


 We ran 3 miles together using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace was 12:08 per mile. We also walked about another mile in total to and from our holiday home. 

I’m not sure if I’ll get any blogging done this week being in the Lake District, but I’ll be sure to update you all on our adventures (and training) once we get home!


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