Weekly training (walking) recap: Monday 25th April – Sun 1st May

So we got back yesterday from a lovely holiday in the Lake District. The plan was to do a little running, and we did get out for one run last Sunday which I included in last weeks recap, but that was the extent of it unfortunately (or maybe not unfortunately – depending on how you see it).

There were a few reasons why we didn’t do any further running. One was that we did a LOT of walking and so we didn’t really feel the need to go running. Secondly was that even when walking downhill my knee was really suffering. We walked down some steep slopes in the Lakes and the steeper the slope the more my knee tendons hurt. I’m going to head down to the drop in physio on Wednesday so hopefully they can help with that. There is no pain when walking on the flat or uphill, it’s purely when going downhill. There is manageable pain when running which is felt on the flat and uphill but is substantially worse on the downhill. So maybe the physio can figure out whats going on. Lastly, the weather went a bit insane! The start of the week was not too bad, then the temperature dropped and instead of april rain showers we had april snow showers and hail showers, including an insane 4 hour snow on Thursday which covered the ground! It was super fun – I loved seeing the hills all snowy it’s a real novelty for us as it never really snows here, but we hadn’t really packed the right clothes to go running in slippery conditions and sub zero temperatures so we skipped it.

So instead I’ll give you a little holiday recap this week, with some details of the walks we did and some lovely (I hope) pictures. Tomorrow is bank holiday Monday and we are both off work so we are planning to do a long run (10k if we can make it – depending on the knee) to get us back on track a little. Overall though, I’m sure a week of walking won’t have done us much harm!


We walked down to Grassmere lake from the village, and then up and into the Easdale valley a little bit. We were trying to find Easdale tarn, but we got a little lost and didn’t make it that far. We walked up some hills, over some rivers and admired the beautiful views. I couldn’t tell you how far we went as I wasn’t wearing my Garmin, but my iPhone (the accuracy of which I’m sure is questionable) says 10,346 steps. Given that the day before it says 10,913 steps and we ran 5k – I’d say we probably walked around 3 miles.



We drove to Tarn Hows and walked down by Tom Gill to the waterfalls. It wasn’t a long walk mainly because downhill to the waterfall was very steep and hurt my knee somewhat. I really enjoyed seeing the waterfall though as I hadn’t been there before. We would have walked around the tarn as well but the weather went from relatively nice to  snow/hail/sleet in the time it took us to walk too/from the waterfall!



We walked around the base of Loughrigg fell from where we were staying in the morning. This is the one time I actually wore my Garmin and it said we walked 4.9 miles!


We also drove to Coniston in the afternoon and walked from the village down to the Lake which isn’t far but it was very nice!



On Thursday the weather which had been fairly changeable (all be it cold) up until now took a turn for the worst. We got up early and drove to Ullswater before the rain/snow started. It was very cold but we managed a short walk down the path by brothers water to the Lake shore. Then in the afternoon the snow came!



Friday was a very wet day. We walked around Grassmere and Ambleside (shopping) and down to the pub from where we were staying in the evening. The sun finally came out at about 7pm!



Typically the sun came out but we had to go home!



Rest day – it’s another horrible day today in Swansea with a very thin misty rain – the kind that soaks you. So we have stayed indoors!

Overall we had a lovely week in the Lake District. I’m pretty glad tomorrow is a bank holiday though, means we don’t quite have to get back to real life just yet!


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