A deceivingly warm day!

Disclaimer: This post is largely made up of complaints about the weather. I’m British. It’s what we do. 

So we went for a little run today. A little run that turned out to be HORRIBLE. Remember last week when it was snowing? We’ll now its 20°C! What is the weather doing right now?!?

We had been planning between 4-5 miles. That didn’t happen. We did 3.5. Mostly because I was reminded of HOW MUCH I HATE RUNNING IN THE HUMIDITY! It was brutal you guys. I had flashbacks to running in Florida – it felt THAT humid! I know it isn’t that humid, but it felt brutal regardless!

My head was thumping. In retrospect I probably wasn’t hydrated enough for that kind of heat. I knew it was forecast to be warm, but was actually looking quite overcast so I wasn’t really expecting it to be quite as warm and muggy as it was. It was also “almost”raining at points. ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE. It was ‘in the air’ so to speak, you’d get the occasional drip but the downpour never really came, and for once I really wanted the downpour. Rain would have been so good in that heat!

I guess the last 6 months of cold rain, wind and more rain had made me forgot that I hate hot weather running just as much – IF NOT MORE – than I hate cold weather running. I am hoping this is just a blip in the weather radar and we will get some “normal for spring” temperatures soon, so that I can at least run for a month in comfortable temperatures before summer comes along!

The only nice thing was to be out of all my winter training gear and back wearing one layer, but even in that one layer I was still bloody boiling!

See, doesn’t look that warm does it? DOES IT?!?!

Anyhow. 3.5 horrible miles have been completed. We are now officially WAY behind in terms of long run’s for the Swansea half marathon (which is now only 50 days away) but we’ll get there…. probably.




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