Another hard run.

Another hot, humid and horrible run today. I found this one just as hard as the weekends, but at least it’s done. I spent a large part of it ranking my least favourite weathers to run in (probably not good for your mental-state mid run). It goes like this:

  1. Hot and humid weather (overcast or sunny) E.G. TODAY.
  2. Running into a strong headwind and driving rain
  3. Running into a strong headwind (but no rain)
  4. Cold driving rain (but no wind)
  5. Hot dry heat
  6. Freezing cold

So from that I’ve concluded that the only weather I like running in is a mild-temperature with no wind and no rain. LOL.


Despite the yukky-ness that was today, I ran for 26 minutes (only 4 short of my 30 minute goal and only because I got back to my front door 4 minutes earlier than expected) and managed an average pace of 10:37 which was slightly faster than my planned tempo pace of 10:45. The run wasn’t quite the tempo I had planned though. The first mile was good but I just couldn’t keep it going and had to stop and walk a few times. I just don’t feel like I can keep running for prolonged periods when its humid – I think I just totally overheat. I need one of those hats with a fan that points directly at your face to run with!

My best run’s always start when I go at a steady pace and then am able to maintain it throughout. The problem is that I’m finding it really difficult to recognise that I’m going to fast at the moment. This seems to be more of a problem in the heat. Or maybe it’s not that I’m going to fast, its that I’m going at a fair weather pace and that I need to adjust my pace and make it slower to compensate for the hot weather. Yes I think that’s probably what it is. They say that your pace will be slower in the heat (I know this from Florida) so it’s obvious that if I’m not slowing down to compensate for the heat then it’s probably going to be a sucky run. So I think on tomorrows run this is what I need to think about, and I need to remind myself that just because I’ve gotten a bit faster lately, doesn’t mean I should be running fast all the time. It’s a (half) marathon not a sprint, as they say.



4 thoughts on “Another hard run.

  1. Is running earlier in the morning or later in the evening an option for you? I know I’m definitely going to have to do some of my long runs at around 7am this summer to beat the heat.

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    1. Yes, defo going to do the long ones early on Saturdays if we can. I was planning on going last night but I had a long day at work so I put it off till today (my day off) and i’m out this evening, so it was a now or never situation lol!


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