Weekly training recap: Mon 16th – Sun 22nd May

Not much to recap this week. We had a good week last week but haven’t ran nearly enough this week. Can’t really give any excuses. I was away at the weekend and had a bit of a bad stomach, but I should really have fitted it in before then. I’m not sure I see the point in getting annoyed at myself though. It is what it is.


Rest day. I was going to go do my cross training  HIIT style class with friends – but it was cancelled at the very last minute – annoyingly after I’d already driven down to where it is held! Doh!


Rest day


Ran 1.25 miles with an average pace of 10:57 per mile. Hilly route. I was trying to tempo (again). It sort of worked, I was only a little over the 10:45 I was aiming for and I had to keep stopping and crossing the road because men were cutting down trees! It kind of threw me off a bit. Plus I decided to go the ‘hard way round’ which involved running up the crazy steep hill (rather than down it) and I actually made it all the way to the top without stopping! Go me!

Gideon ran 2.1 miles in 19 minutes! Speedy!


Rest day – should have ran!


Rest day – should have ran!


Rest day for me. Gideon Ran 4.5 miles in approximately 51 minutes


Should have ran, but I had a bad stomach Saturday and didn’t really feel like running 7 miles on a completely empty stomach. Really it should have been done Friday though. So it’s not really an excuse.

Walked a couple of miles up the hill around where my parents live in the Sunshine.


So hopefully we’ll get back on it this week. Aiming to try and do 4 miles tomorrow evening (to make up  a little bit for not doing any this week), then a couple of more midweek run’s and 7 miles at the weekend. We also have a stand up paddle boarding lesson on Sunday (weather permitting) which I hear is like a full body workout because of all the core balancing you have to do! So I’m looking forward to that and will let you all know how it goes!



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