Weekly training recap: Mon 23rd – Mon 30th May

A day later than usual, but it’s a bank holiday, and I wanted to include Monday in this recap as we pushed back our weekend long run to this morning.

Overall it’s not been a bad week training wise, though it has felt like a real slog to get out and run. I’m still not loving running currently. Running and I are going through a hate phase at the moment, though it is hard to hate running sometimes when this is your view:



Rest day


Rest day


Ran 2.35 miles using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking with an average pace of 11:10 per mile.


Ran 1 mile in 10 minutes and 54 seconds. Really didn’t want to go out and run at all today so glad that we at least bothered with something even if it was only a mile.


Rest day


Rest day – little amble around Langland bay in the evening. You can’t not go to the beach when the weather is this beautiful!


Paddleboarding lesson!!

We had a lot of fun trying to paddleboard yesterday, but I was absolutely hopeless at it. I spent the whole hour standing up, trying to get my balance, then falling in! When I wasn’t falling in I was paddling around on my knees! Gideon was slightly better and got the hang of it towards the end of our lesson! It must have been a good workout though because I am so so achy today. It feels like the day after a half marathon! My knee’s have seized up completely!!

My verdict on paddleboarding: much much harder than it looks but a lot of fun!

We also walked 3 miles (to and from the water sports centre).


Ran 7 miles using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running 1 minute walking. Average pace 12:37 per mile.

After yesterdays paddleboarding session there was no way I was running 7 miles so we pushed it back to this morning (as it’s a bank holiday). The plan was to wake up at 6.15, head to the beach for 7:30 and run 7 miles. It took all my willpower to get out of bed this morning (after a rotten nights sleep because of the heat and because my legs are dead from paddleboarding) but we did it and we did our 7 miles without any issue really. It was warm, but nowhere near as warm as it would have been if we had got up later or gone this evening. There was a pleasant breeze rather than a gale which was awesome. The only other people crazy enough to be on the promenade at that time in the morning were other runners (of which there were many) and cyclists, so there was no dodging round hundreds of people, which there definitely would have been if we had gone later in the day as the weather is beautiful. Overall, a pretty decent (albeit slow) run, and I feel a bit more confident knowing I can still go over 10k without issue even though training has been pretty lacklustre as of late.

The plan for this week is to continue the way we have been going and get our three runs done. The Swansea half marathon is only 4 weeks away now so ideally we want to do 9 miles this weekend. I have felt like training has been naff for this half and the Cardiff half seems like so long ago, but actually when I look properly, the Cardiff half wasn’t ages ago. It was 2 months ago. Yes, running hasn’t been consistently great since Cardiff, but it isn’t as if we stopped all together, so I’m sure that base we built is still there. We just need to stay consistent for the next 4 weeks to give the Swansea half our best shot!



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