Weekly training recap: Mon 30th May – Sun 5th June

So another poor week following a good week. We did our 7 miles Monday (which I guess was this week but I included it in last week) and have only ran 1 mile since. We fully intended to go run this weekend but Gideon woke up Saturday with a horribly sore throat and hasn’t improved since. I think it’s probably tonsillitis as it’s very bad, so we have spent the beautiful hot weekend on the couch in the cool…. we’ll he has. I’ve washed my car (which is not easy when you don’t own a hose) and trimmed the bushes in the garden – gotta get my sunshine fix one way or another!

I know what you are all thinking. Just because HE has tonsillitis doesn’t mean I can’t go running. You are right of course, I could go running, but I really don’t want to. Running 9 miles by myself in the heat doesn’t appeal to me at all. Running 9 miles with someone else isn’t really even appealing to me right now. So we are a bit behind, but I’ve sort of given up caring if I’m honest. We’ll run the half in 3 weeks time and I expect it will be difficult but we’ll finish, and I expect we’ll squeeze in a long run or two before then. I have to say though, I am really really looking forward to this half being over and to not having to run anything further than 10k for a while. I like the short runs, but I’m really starting to loathe the long run’s and I think I need a real break from them. We won’t find out till October if we have got a place in the London Marathon, so plenty of time to just do some shorter runs and give my body and mind a rest from long runs for a while. I have one 10k in September – I may do others, but this is the only one on the schedule at the moment. I can’t imagine I’ll be doing another half this year, and I doubt much will convince me otherwise!

Despite this though I am looking forward to the Swansea half in 3 weeks (just not loving training for it). I think I’m just going to try to enjoy it and not worry about anything, and try not to let it bother me if I don’t improve my time from Cardiff at all.


Ran 7 miles (which I recapped in last weeks recap)


Rest day


It was MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I don’t run on my birthday. Instead I eat cake….


And Ice-Cream…



Ran 1.00 mile in 10 minutes and 10 seconds. Not bad considering it was warm and it was hilly and I really didn’t want to even go!


Rest day





Next week… I don’t know. Definitely do some short run’s once Gideon is better. Maybe do a longish run one evening if the weather is good. Maybe not. We have a wedding at the weekend which we’ll be going away for but we have taken Monday off work so we can do our long run then – that’ll probably be the last one before the half, so I think we’ll try for 10 miles.

Have a lovely week everyone!


One thought on “Weekly training recap: Mon 30th May – Sun 5th June

  1. Happy birthday! And I’m with you on the long runs! They can get SOOO boring. Did 12 this morning. Just as I was flagging, I came upon an acquaintance in the park. Ran 2 miles with him , and had a good distracting conversation that allowed me to finish!

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