A test…

So I’ve spent all week this week on the fence about whether I should try to run next weekends half marathon. I don’t want to lose my money, but I know I’m definitely not trained sufficiently. In fact I had a look back at my Garmin data since Easter’s half marathon and I’ve only ran about 50 miles. I know that really isn’t enough! However I think with a combination of running and walking I should still be able to finish it. I’m giving up all expectations of a time goal. A time improvement is no longer really an option. I’m expecting to complete it in around the same time as I completed the last one (2 hrs 39 if anyone is wondering), probably even longer if I’m not feeling great on the day or if it’s really hot. But I would like to finish it because it’s my home race and I want the medal!!!

So yesterday I set myself a test. Despite missing a few weeks training due to unforeseen circumstances, my plan said 10k this weekend for taper so 10k is what I wanted to do. I figured if I could get through that after not running for 2 weeks I can get through the half next weekend.

And I did get through it.


But it was HORRIBLE.

It was without a doubt the worst 10k I’ve ever done, but what should I expect after a lack of training? It was never going to be an easy run, I’ve learnt now from experience that my last long runs for whatever distance never turn out to be easy! This was particularly hard because I choose to do it on a Friday evening (get it out the way) on the hills around our house! What was I thinking?!? that’s just setting myself up for failure!!

But I didn’t fail. I did it. I ran around the houses for 6.2 miles up and down and round and round. I walked a fair bit (firstly sticking to intervals and then giving up and just walking up the hills). I ran home 3 times to have a drink cause I didnt want to carry it with me. But I ALWAYS went back out. Despite my mind saying forget it, sit down and do the deferral, I didn’t listen and I went back out until I had done the whole 10k. It took an hour and 17 minutes which is sloooow. But I did it. I passed my test. It was horrible, but I did it, and I think on a pancake flat course, with crowd support and friends I can do it again (and then some) next weekend.

The thing I’m clinging onto is that I have trained most of my miles this time around on the hills. I hope that this will be what saves me next weekend. Swansea half marathon is pancake pancake flat. You can’t find flatter. Please let this hill training be to my advantage! Running on the flat should feel like a breeze compared to running on the hills. I know I’ll have to go a lot longer, but I’m hoping mentally it won’t feel so tough because It’ll be lovely and flat.

And I think next week I’m going to leave my tech at home and run watch-free. I don’t want to know about my pace and time. I want to run by feel and I want to walk when I feel like it not when the watch tells me too. I want to enjoy it for what it is – a beautiful run in my home town with beautiful views and 8000 other people to keep me going!

So it appears I’m doing this. Wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “A test…

  1. Good luck! You definitely have the right mental attitude to get through it, especially if you’ve been training on hills. And I’m in awe that you went home multiple times and always went back out again – that’s mental toughness right there! You can do this half!

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  2. You can do it! I’m very impressed by your mental toughness for the 10K. There is no way I could keep going back out after stopping at home. Enjoy the run for your HM. I love the idea of not wearing your watch and just letting yourself have fun with it!

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  3. Good luck! I think the hill training will definitely help! I’m used to flat Florida running, so whenever I’m on a course with any incline, I about want to die! Leaving the watch at home is a good idea, I bet you will be surprised at how freeing it feels!

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  4. Congrats! And good luck! Having just run a disastrous 10K myself (you think you’re time was slow, ha!) it’s important to be able to know you can do something and push through! You’ve got this half! 🙂

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