Weekly training recap: Mon 13th – Sun 19th June

I got back into training this week with a very light week – which I realise isn’t ideal a week before a half marathon but it’s really all I had the energy for. I was still pretty knackered from the busy week before where I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep thanks to Gideon’s appendicitis and my horrible cold. The cold continued on in ‘phlegmy cough’ format this week, and it took me until Wednesday to feel ready to run any distance. Wednesdays run was small, but I knew I needed to pull something bigger out if I was going to be able to do next weeks half marathon so I did a horrible 10k Friday evening (which you can read about here).

I’m still feeling pretty phlegmy which isn’t ideal, but I’m not feeling tired anymore so that’s good.


Rest day.


Rest day.


Ran 1 mile in 10:28 (hilly). I actually thought it was slower than this until I just looked it up. I’m pretty pleased with that in hindsight considering I was still quite chesty!


Rest day.


Ran 6.2 miles (hilly) using run/walk intervals which I lost track of after a while. Average pace: 12:31 per mile. That is actually not that bad considering how horrible it felt, I’m surprised I managed to average that and I actually got a bit faster in the last mile (probably because I just wanted it to end).


Rest day.


Rest day.

My plan in the run up to Sundays Swansea half marathon is to do a couple of short runs of maybe 2-3 miles around the hills. Hopefully then running on the flat on Sunday will feel a little easier. The half starts at 9am so at least it will be over by lunchtime and I won’t be worrying about it all day. At the moment the weather is looking good – maybe even a little too good – but we are still a way off so everything could still change!



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