Weekly training recap: Mon 11th July – Sun 17th July

A really light week this week to ease me back into a consistent training routine for the Swansea 10k. I’m pleased that I got out and did my 3 scheduled runs. I didn’t dread doing them either. I’d go so far as to say I almost looked forward to doing them – probably because I knew they were nice and short! They certainly weren’t a chore like the ones in the run up to the Swansea half had been. I definitely think sticking to shorter distances is the way to go for me at the moment.

I wouldn’t say the runs were easy. They were still runs after all, but they didn’t feel particularly tough, except maybe today’s because I had a stitch for most of it. Thats what happens when you eat a custard slice and then go for a run! Thankfully, on Wednesday I was feeling so good that I decided to just carry on going and get the weeks ‘long’ run out the way (it really wasn’t long – only a mile and a half – I told you this was a light week), so I only had to do a mile today.

I’m pleased to say I had no trouble running for the entire distances and did not feel the need to stop and walk on any of my runs this week. There was a brief moment where I was forced to stop on Wednesday because a car was coming out of its driveway, but it was momentary and I started up again straight away.

So my first ‘official’ weeks training for the Swansea 10k has been a positive one.


Rest day


Rest day


Ran 1.5 miles – average pace 10:55 per mile. I was feeling really good on this run, so much so that I carried on past the mile I was supposed to do to make it up to 1.5 miles which was this weeks ‘long’ run.



Rest day


Ran 1.00 mile – average pace 11:10 per mile. It was drizzling badly but I still went out and ran and I kind of enjoyed the rain! Probably because it was a warm drizzle rather than a freezing cold downpour!


Rest day


Ran 1.00 mile – average pace 11:13 per mile. This was the hardest run of the week, it was very hot and humid out, but not sunny at all as per picture below!

July should not look like this. 

I think from this weeks runs I seem to be comfortable at around an 11 minute per mile pace. I’m hoping I can maintain this kind of pace over the longer distances, but obviously I’m expecting to slow a little as the miles go up. Overall though I’m pretty pleased that I seem to be pacing myself quite consistently at the moment which is something I was really struggling with in the build up to the half.

On the schedule next week:

2 x 1.25 mile runs and 1 x 2 mile run.

Gideon is also going to join me again next week as he has now recovered enough from his surgery to start running again. He is very much looking forward to getting back out there!



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