Too hot to run!

It’s been a couple of crazy warm days hasn’t it?! Whilst I love a bit of sunshine, the sheer temperature in the last couple of days has made even thinking about running a challenge. Consequently, I haven’t done any yet! Instead I’ve been enjoying the heat, rather than hating every second of it (like I do when I run). I’ve been out for some nice walks in the evening. Yesterday I walked 3.5 miles in the evening sunshine which was glorious, and I’ve eaten ice cream two days in a row which was even more glorious!


I have seen plenty of crazies out running though, even in this heat. The heat has made me think back to November of last year when we ran 7 miles through Disney in 28 degree weather! I sometimes wonder how I managed it. It was very slow but I did it. Would I like to repeat the experience? Not in that heat! If you live in a climate where it’s always this warm and you still run, I applaud you! I honestly don’t know how you do it!

I suppose the air-conditioned gym and the treadmill start to look more appealing to some people in this kind of weather. If I had access to one I might have considered it, but alas, it’s run outdoors or don’t run at all for this girl! The rest of the week looks a bit cooler, so I am determined to still get my three runs in. It might be too hot to run right now, but I haven’t given up yet!




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