Walking around the Gower

Another great walk today to make the most of this intermittent sunshine we have been having, oh I’ve also ran today but I’ll recap that tomorrow!

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful corner of the UK where you can drive to so many great places in less than half an hour to enjoy a good walk. Within half an hour of our house there are two lakes, country parks, woodland, hills, and numerous beaches and coastal paths.

Today we went for a walk from Bishopston down to Pwlldu bay on the Gower Peninsular. We drove in the direction of the blue sky and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day down there – unlike the cloudy skies over our house! Our walk was approximately three miles; down to the coast and back.

Some other great walks that we like to do on the Gower are:

Walk from Parkmill to Three Cliffs Bay. This is about 2.5 miles there and back and you get to the fantastic three cliffs bay at the end.


The coastal path from Langland Bay to Caswell Bay: the entirety of this walk gives you beautiful coastal views.

Rhossili to Worms head is another favourite. You can take the path at the top of the cliffs down to the worm. If the tide is out you can walk over onto the worm, but it gets cut off when the tide is in so you have to time it right! I’ve yet to go over to the worm but it’s something I’d like to do at some point.

And then of course we can’t forget the lovely Swansea Bay. A 5.5ish mile bay (from one end to the other) which we have run and walked multiple times! It’s got great views and is a lovely flat, paved path so perfect for running, cycling or walking!

There are numerous other walks along the Gower which I haven’t talked about here, much of it we have yet to explore. In fact you can walk the entire coast of the Gower. It’s about 38 miles from Mumbles all the way around to Crofty, so plenty left for us to do!


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